Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Pure Freedom Unbent By Dogma

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Secular narrow-mindedness is a poison that contaminates constructive objective discussion. Linked with sticky unenlightened minds to pervasive ignorance this conformity of thought destroys reality in an endemic unreality that begets a dogmatic societal consciousness.

Unbending dogma regardless of its origin whether from a tepid pool of religion, political currents, or citizen interactions within a society determined to generate labor droids (automatons bereft of original thoughts) is the enemy of pure freedom.

Insecurity is the operative emotion enhanced by the class of ultra-capitalist elites who use this dogmatic societal 'mind' to perpetuate more insecurity. If insecurity can be burnt into the psyche of every laborer so that constant fear replaces serenity then obedience to the global business regime is assured and pure freedom permanently deferred.

By transforming creative, contemplative, questioning, and non-doctrinaire children into unreflective, complacent, conformist, process bound adults the masters of the lobbyist minions (the castle dwellers) are guaranteed an army of mindless labor robots. Throw in that dash of unrelenting insecurity and Walla, these labor robots will march joyously to their grave.

Every now and then an aberration, an anomaly will rise its head up to survey the surroundings. When this clean uncomplicated individual is spotted the ultra-capitalist system rushes forth with a vengeance to eradicate this menace, this blight that has the potential to awaken the sleeping labor droids from their death walk.

No tool is spared in the vaporization of these freethinkers from the mush pond. Identified by their conspicuous and vehement rejection of the current state of affairs these self-confident emancipators are first denied work by the arrogant lords of ultra-capitalism.

If marginalization from gainful employment within the system of enforced labor slavery doesn't destroy these free spirits rest assured intimidation by a vehement mass of foaming mouthed idiots will 'liquefy' their zeal. The masters of this stasis bound society will let loose innumerable mush minded labor droids to crush these conscious minds.

Make no mistake, anyone who advocates absolute sexual freedom, release from all religious paganism, democracy unfettered from mega-business lobbyist demands, business cooperatives controlled by workers, the abolition of labor slavery, a more equitable distribution of income, and equality - essentially a life of pure freedom NOT denied by a corporatist society geared towards producing subservient dependent workers and a caste of wealthy sultans: this cogent separatist will be annihilated. This is the unfortunate outcome of those who foment unrest on the sheep farm.

So beware, the elite barbarians of this corrupt, sullied, humiliating, inhuman, conniving, sacrosanct, sociopath diseased ultra-capitalist abomination - this global cabal of privilege - these religious deviants of a system that debases humanity will stop at nothing to destroy any antigen of pure freedom that attacks their comfortable snug life of leisure.

Granted, there will be many that follow and that is why the few that lead readily accept their fate. For freedom without cost is nothing but an illusion.