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Pure Bottom-Up Democracy Comprehensively Empowers the Individual

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Our People’s Movement is the last best hope for transforming this billionaire’s planetary play toy into a pure bottom-up democracy where the citizens have the final say in how society is organized and run. Transformational change can only be actuated by individuals who have the guts to accept whatever personal adversity is heaped upon them by the elite mob. Taking back this blue planet from the self-anointed 1% royalty who have rigged all the societal elements into this vast system of pillage and elite privilege will be painful. We are in the periphery. Prior to our awakening the general population was mostly a compliant bystander willing to meekly adhere to the dictates of the new feudalism. Not anymore. Those of us who are the genuine creators, producers, and generators of revenue for our businesses will no longer placidly comply with the dictates handed down from up high by the cloud dwellers.

Seizing control from the few mega-rich and restoring the citizen to their rightful place of power across this blue planet means we must make the hard decisions. The people need to firmly grasp the reins of power, not the few well-connected investment high-rollers. In this vein the People’s Movement commends the Greek government for allowing their citizens to decide whether they would continue to be debt slaves to international bankers or blaze a new separate and free path. They made the difficult decision not some obscure cabal of lobster and island buying thieves working to undermine majority rule by imposing Byzantine conditions upon hardworking citizens.

Truly infuriating is the trillions of dollars of wealth extracted by the 1% pirates that is sloshing around in their multiple offshore tax havens and Swiss bank accounts. Who the hell gave these bleeders the right to suffocate the general population of this planet under a mountain of debt just because they refuse to release some of this barricaded income into the spherical income stream? Better yet, why does the general population, the 99% who actually create and produce this massive wealth allow a sliver of the citizens to accumulate the vast majority of the income rewards of their daily grind? Isn’t it high time we told these belching overstuffed corpulent pigs that we are drawing a line in the sand?

The day of reckoning has arrived. Producers, those of us in the 99% will no longer be strung along at the company store by ballooning credit advances used to control our actions. Fear of being cut off from the lord’s good graces and unable to make the master’s exorbitant payments will no longer be a deterrent to establishing a fair and decent society. Instead we are taking control of the companies, there stores, our governments, economies, and sacking all the lobbyist gangsters that are the underpinning of a manipulative and corrupt society that orchestrates the destruction of the lower classes so that the upper crust can live like kings and queens.

Empowering all in a cooperative thrust our purple gale is wiping clean the impediments to our happiness. Regardless of your political philosophy the People’s Movement is the huge tent that embraces every citizen. Our only stipulation is that you leave your short-term single mindedness in the dirt outside the tent. Also, do not believe for a second that just because we do not adhere to an all-encompassing ideology that our objectives are ill-defined. They are a superior engineered ‘titanium girder’ of unequalled strength that unites us into an invincible force.

Our multifaceted objectives are numerous but the ethics that are there bedrock are basic. To be a member of our movement you must understand that personal aggrandizement inside a corrupt system of favors debases not only yourself but all humanity. Societal contrivances that feed upon the majority in order to prop up turkey bone backhand chucking royals slobbering over piles of choice delicacies are counter to the essence of civilization.

Our efforts are cooperative. The betterment of the entire community will always take precedence over the enrichment of a chosen few. We also believe that pure bottom-up democracy must have no boundaries – it should saturate every aspect of our daily lives. But for this unadulterated democratic foundation to empower the masses it must not be overrun with special interest constituent impostors in the form of lobbyist or other favor seekers. This subversion of the essence of democratic ideals promotes nothing short of rule by the most ruthless hoodlums. These sociopaths who seek to engage in every debauchery within the shortest period of time will tend to distort the tenor of intellectual discourse and ultimately destroy society. All will be shoved headfirst into the degenerative spiral by such leaders.

We therefore recommend that you choose your leaders based upon their actions not upon their promises. Additionally, whether you are a hardcore conservative, radical liberal, or just someone smack dab in the middle remember that you are electing a fallible human being. Even if their political philosophy aligns perfectly with yours look deeper to ferret out any character flaws indicative of sociopathic tendencies. For instance if your favorite candidate espouses polices that are populist then you would not expect the candidate to receive millions of dollars from Wall Street barons.

Beware of the initial frontrunners Hilary Clinton and Jeb Bush for these U.S. Presidential candidates are the lackeys of Wall Street and Big Business. Once again, you might want to set your sights upon candidates who have stood for their principles throughout their lives. Those from whatever party you are more comfortable supporting who are not the greasy oiled favorites of the elites. Rand Paul (Republican) and Bernie Sanders (Democrat) come to mind. They seem to be principled individuals. Neither is a perfect human being. None exists. What we can be sure of is that given their track record they will never sacrifice their ethics on the altar of power and wealth. These two candidates are just suggestions for ultimately the choice is yours to make. That is the beauty of bottom-up democracy – it comprehensively empowers.