Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

People's Movement Will Prosecute "The Establishment" Sociopaths

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Workers should determine their own destiny. Do you believe that this will ever occur in our capitalist society? Dethroning these control freaks from their power joyride even with brand new tightfitting straightjackets will be a Herculean task for whip shy prisoners. Through the exercise of control over others sociopaths are using the capitalist society, the lobbyist controlled governments, autocratic businesses, and other appendages of this 'club in hand' culture to extract a perverted form of self-worth. Why do we allow these emotionally vacant inherently mean misfits to march us like so many toy soldiers just so they can have fun being enslavers and living like sultans?

Dictatorial regimes like capitalist business organizations treat laborers like mindless machines to be impulsively used and abused by an entrenched hierarchy of sociopaths. Shielded from oversight by fellow sociopaths in government, lobbyist clans, and other positions of power the entire abusive and dysfunctional society is a haven for insane deviants. None of what we are experiencing is new to the human cultural condition. Very little has changed since the days of French Bourbon kings in the 16th century.

Going back to prehistoric times we would probably find the first human being with the 'taker' pathological trait, the progenitor sociopath with an abnormal genome, that not quite right emotionally empty animal with bloody club in hand. This perfect killing machine that contaminated the human community for generations emerged from the cave ready to enslave others to increase his wealth and dominion. The original humanoid of a long line of emotionless luxury vampires, the outcast turned vengeful ruler type that derived sexual fulfillment from controlling others was an environmental aberration that should have been extinguished. An insatiable collector of treasure, booty that was a measure of his success, this shallow Neanderthal who was the wellspring of contamination, the generator of so much pain and suffering should have been buried by the community saving us from the millions upon millions of lost lives. Unfortunately, no one stood up to the bully and his nasty offspring. They have polluted the human genome with many variants: dictators, CEOs, and absolute rulers of all shapes and sizes fully ready to sacrifice their fellow human beings in Crusades, wars, and slavery just to extend their territory and add more booty to their pile of loot.

Community, the innate bond that individuals have with those of their own species, the cooperative unity that empowers a collective aspiration of shared goals beneficial to everyone, this is loathed by the sociopath, those who seek riches and power to validate their own perverted sense of self-worth. Kings, queens, CEOs, dictators, Emperors, potentates of many varieties, all sociopaths without conscious have dragged humanity through the gutter in a dehumanizing purge of community by promoting societies that keep us at each other's throats. After many centuries of conditioning we have buried our community spirit, a global unity of humankind in a caustic cutthroat capitalist society. Without any inhibitions the insane have created a culture that runs roughshod over cohesive continuity, destroying the potentiality of genuine planetary democracy. Instead we are given a propagandized hierarchically organized shame that 1% elites shove down our gullets.

The entire edifice that is this rich-take-all sociopaths club bathed in a hierarchical capitalist society is geared so the preponderance of wealth we and our fellow labor-slaves generate goes to a tiny sliver of control hungry princes and princesses. When the pirate ship starts taking on water do these buccaneers have any qualms about throwing us overboard? Only the profit margin matters. Capitalism is built upon the irrational premise that every year more and more money can be generated over and above the expenses incurred in making or providing a service. That somehow, probably through osmosis, more likely mysticism, or a newfangled math, the elites can extract more in surplus even when each industry has only a few dominant corporations, having devolved to capitalism's resting state - oligarchy. By working all of us harder, the fat manipulative pigs running us aground can extract more profit to stuff in their offshore tax free accounts. Ultimately, there comes a point in time when pumping an economy full of easy credit drags wage poor labor-slaves into insolvency and working each serf twelve or more hours leaves little time to purchase or use the goods and services that are produced. All of these basic concepts escape the hard-driven sociopath because psychological sickness has overwhelmed their brain's capacity to reason logically.

Sentient species are inherently social beings. Lasting societies are built by socially interacting communities. Group size is not important. Across group cooperation within a bottom-up democracy that is not fragmented along ethnic, economic, nation, or religious boundaries that over time through technological innovations enhances individual input is the best guarantee that effusive prosperity, equality, egalitarianism, and general happiness will endure. Daily involvement in a genuine democracy from sunup to sundown stimulates mass participation in the self-governing process. Removing all artificial barriers to the free-flow and free-exchange of ideas, a respect of a diversity of viewpoints, the resulting commotion of highly spirited exchanges so common in modern civilizations not silenced by fear inspires a flood of creativity. Not suffocated by "Establishment" approved media sources or an academia that owes its very existence to elite benefactors' intellectual intercourse is allowed to flourish. Ideas no longer become the exclusive domain of those promoting corporate absolutism, wage-slavery, sham democracies, dehumanizing bureaucratization, and blind obedience to economic predators.

Our People's Movement is the catalyst that continues to ignite the first revolution internal to an existing society. Without erupting externally into a general insurrection we are instead coalescing towards a shared creed. A purple fusion of diverse viewpoints rooted in a value system uncorrupted by vested interests. Instead of a rigid social construct that has come down from above, an obscenely repellant societal contrivance designed to maintain an unequal distribution of wealth so billionaire princelings can gorge on our flesh and blood we are gradually creating a modern bottom-up democratic planetary wide civilization. Ours is a quiet revolt against a super-rich 1% that engages in consumption orgies on money squeezed from us by their capitalist society.

There will be a day of reckoning. Exorbitant insurance premiums extorted from us by a federal government in bed with big business, all the income parasites legally guaranteed customers and the accompanying profits at the expense of the sick and prescription fleeced citizens will be prosecuted for crimes against humanity when we fully eradicate this system of pillage. Even though our intent is not to resort to violence to achieve emancipation from this parasitic excrescence, the repressive, globally corrupted apparatus that is "The Establishment" controlled by transnational corporations and filthy rich 1% benefactors will feel our wrath by being brought to justice for all those whose lives they cut short. Those who could not pay for prescriptions that exceeded hundreds and thousands of dollars per pill, died on a battlefield in a war motivated by corporate gain, were cast on the street like a piece of trash, had their creations stolen by corporations who then made billions of dollars, suffered the injustice of having their constituent voices stolen by lobbyists, were dehumanized by corporate work environments that were emotionally destructive autocratic hell holes, were forced into homelessness by the slashing of government poverty programs just so bankers could party hardy with trillions of taxpayer dollars. So egregious are the vandalisms, the breaches of basic human rights, the institutionalized ignorance enforced to perpetuate a propagandized status quo, and the legalized theft that just categorizing every injustice would be an arduous undertaking. Rest easy, once our purple has cleansed the evil from this spherical gulag by instituting decent and equitable 24/7 bottom-up democracy we will locate all the 1% elite criminals who were instrumental in grinding us into a complacent mush. Any future sociopaths who dream of being a better slaver than their predecessors will think twice before proffering the shackles.