Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Property of a Tiny Ruling Class

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Are you under the illusion that you are a citizen with an equal voice in shaping your own future? Or worse yet you may actually believe that you are free without any stake or tie to the absolutist capitalist society. Have you determined that the super PACs that fund the majority of candidates for elected office are benevolent big-money pirates who have the best interests of the nation in mind when they pour billions upon billions of dollars into the coffers of your favorite party hack? Maybe you believe they are the personification of "Jack Sparrow" - everybody's favorite swashbuckler from those hugely entertaining movies produced a few years back? Or are they instead scoundrels wedded to capitalist expropriation, dictatorial control of all worldly governments, the pauperization of the middle class, and the broad establishment of modern day feudalism - thievery on a grand scale? A codification of skullduggery that justifies the enslavement of workers, transforming them into mere property to be jettisoned down the chute whenever the lords of pillage have an urge to wring more cash from this income starved economy.

You are a mere pawn in this fools escapade. This unstable and unsupportable excuse for a society only needs you to toil harder so that more surplus wealth reaches the hands of the blue-bloods. You may have exceeded your daily limit of Kool-Aid injections if you feel giddy about your contribution to your employer's well-being. Probably you have reached the recommended level of free-market, happiness infused, raise the flag, and smile until your lips crack propaganda. Better refrain from consuming this drivel so that your extremities stop tingling and blood is once again rushing back into your sore underused brain. You know the old saying: "It is so damn easy to rule over the ignorant and stupid." Maybe that is why there have been so many distractions lately - the populous is awakening from its stupor?

Ah well, this is not one of those meaty essays with solutions that few will care to digest. More of a high level reconstitution of recent events just to get a better perspective on where this global slave ship is headed, that is the only objective of this written journey. Slap those cheeks of yours. Snap out of that fixed daze. I know the feeling, tiredness sets in, lethargy drains the body of initiative, that is the effect of a fight that drags on entirely too long. After spilling my guts for over eight years the progress towards awakening a semblance of sanity in the general population has been scanty at best.

So why do we do it, that unrelenting submersion into the depths of royal torment? Is it because we crave the disdain of brainwashed ultra-capitalist conservatives who may never wake from their daydreams? Do we await the coming of a messiah who will save us from the big money vandalisms of the 1% elite spin-masters? No it is none of these reasons, those of us in this amorphous People's Movement surging forth on our purple wave simply feel we can do better, build a more equitable, democratic society that is not based upon the exploitation of others so that a few royals can live like kings and queens. That is all there is to it - nothing more underlies our tenacious commitment to a cause that leaves most of us barred from advancing in a system that scorns introspective analysis.

Why does capitalist society squelch the scrutiny conducted by anyone but their anointed intellectual high priests - the sufficiently dogma inspired sociopaths incapable of a shred of empathy toward their fellow human beings? Simple, because if the floodgates of inquiry were opened up, like now, the abomination that is the unrestrained pillage of both environmental and human resources just so a tiny few mean CEO executive tyrants can continue to shove loot in Swiss accounts would be viewed as an unbearable attack on human decency. It is criminal to subject your fellow human beings to unrelenting toil under the heel of a black boot that squeezes their oozing guts into this diabolical global feudalism. Check your entrails are they still intact? Are you enjoying liberty inside corporate states that cheer the exploits of banksters and their felonious pals who spend unfathomable wads of loot to temporarily relieve their addiction to greed and power?

Maybe that is why it is high-time we did something about this despicable abomination that we equate with civilized society. Prostrating yourself before earthly deities, dignitaries, and others will not engender the individual nonconformist mindset necessary to defeat capitalist repression that feeds on selfless entropy, conformity, apathy, and assimilation. Only hard fought battles with the elite bandits who have stolen our self-determination will free us from tyranny.

Not that we should not be thankful for the strong voice of support coming from leaders feeling an urgent need to address economic, environmental, and general societal injustices but it is more to the point that to extricate ourselves from this evil society we must engender a semblance of self-respect, an understanding of our value. For it is futile to recreate another hierarchically oriented culture - what is required is a horizontally structured all-inclusive democratic culture that is anti-bureaucratic. Majoritarian workers' control and ownership in a world that does not relegate anyone's voice to the dungeon can only emerge when the bottom-up feel empowered to change every aspect of their economic and political environment. Confidence, a feeling of self-worth, the dignity that comes from a boundless mutual respect is only possible in a non-hierarchically based atmosphere.

Another hindrance to our reaching an effusive democracy that is exercised not just outside work hours but across all hours awake or asleep is the tendency to equate happiness with the outcomes of clans or groups that have perceived effects on our personal well-being. This transference of joyful outcomes that is experienced by others that we pull to our dull, uneventful, and drudgery filled lives is a typical psychological defense mechanism observed in societies where the majority of people are starved for happiness. Even if it is only a delusionary conveyance of someone else's bliss it helps us make it through the day-to-day indignities and tedium. This is the extent of your imprisonment in this monstrous excuse for a society - a bandit's dream come true.

We have our work cut out for us. Intellectual, psychological, personal, and cultural enrichment that focuses upon the invaluable contribution of the individual within a collective of mutually respected individuals - this is how we will rejuvenate our deprived spirit - the heart and soul of our being. An advanced civilization cannot be conjured up through the deification of mortal leaders and ethereal omnipotent entities. It will come from our blood and sweat, the understanding that we alone orchestrate our destiny. We cannot pawn it off onto another. It is our task to make this world what we want it to be not the hope of a dreamers vision or a leaders wisdom but the combined effort of all. That is how we will realize a better tomorrow, a place outside on the open shore far from oppressors who would take advantage of our meekness.

Stand up and be counted.