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Propagandists Promote Income Inequality

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Lately we’ve been receiving a steady stream of establishment propaganda coming from a whole slew of ‘experts’ prophesying the ‘inevitable’ – a future labor gulag ruled by an elite ultra-rich class.

Realizing that we’ve broken through their lie to the truth our elite masters have now unleashed their horde of bought out ‘journalists’ to spread the fallacy that our future is unchangeable. Basically, we bottom-scrappers should just accept our fate – be good supplicants and bow our heads to the ruling class. Their rational is simple – our miserable destiny is set in stone so why fight?

This would be quite a feat enforcing a future that isn’t dynamic. The Masters-of-the-Universe with their stilted egotistical self-centric perception of reality truly believe that by wielding intrusive technology they’ll be able to corral their labor ‘cattle’ by extinguishing the human spirit. These marvel sociopaths actually feel that if they wave their magic wands of corrupt power they’ll achieve something tyrannical societies have been historically hard pressed at realizing – absolute, total control of the majority for perpetuity.

Speaking for the oppressed labor class, those of us who don’t have lobbyists in our pocket, a guy who has seen his real income drop by more than 25%, an atypical bottom- scrapper – man the barricades! If we are truly plunging further into the depths of hell. A world where only the top 5% are valued and those of us forced into income ‘starvation’ are left to scrounge for the bones thrown from our rulers table then it is high time to change this future course without delay.

Let’s speak frankly, the elite Corporatist’s who hold power are worried that far too many of us labor serfs know their dirty little secret. They’re scared that their cushy contrived societal structures are in danger of being undermined by the angry masses. So what does your bloated elite kingpin do, well he calls upon all his other bestial brethren to push the propaganda machine into high gear. Have all the well-fed purveyors of fiction spin more elite establishment lore that conveys just how intractable a bottom-scrappers existence is, spell-out that all electronic means will be used to force us into line.

These tactics might work where an animal is concerned, but we’re human beings, we will not graciously submit to oppression. It never ceases to amaze me that the few always believe that they can subjugate the many with little to no resulting consequences. Rulers throughout history have been infected by a false sense of security, they’ve cleaved to an illogical tranquility; that imposing their will behind castle walls could ensure societal stability.

The only truly stable society is one where every member has an equal opportunity to succeed, there is an equitable distribution of the fruits of labor based upon one’s contribution not their class membership, and power is not concentrated in a cabal of ruthless sociopaths bent upon subverting government to enhance their wealth. Anything short of this is tyranny.

We all know what awaits tyrants who push the people into a corner. Add more mortar to your castle walls. Develop more personally intrusive electronic means of control. In the end, nothing will stop a determined citizenry that has been told they have no future; they’re meaningless prisoners of a global gulag designed to rape the world of hope, love, and happiness. No wall or software system will halt the oppressed from demanding justice!