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Professionals Are Now Just Wind-Up Production Droids

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Shut off from upward mobility, perks eliminated, offices now only going to useless schedule bureaucrats, pensions gone, and with the infusion of many layers of administrative management that stifle enthusiasm and creativity most professions have been transformed into production line dead-end jobs. With too much emphasis placed upon meeting tight schedules especially in the technology industry and management not having a clue what is entailed in finely crafting an intellectually challenging marvel we too often excrete inferior products that seep from dysfunctional processes. Short-term misery is now the daily routine to be endured by the professional. For those who have many years of experience in full-spectrum rewarding professional positions to have to be relegated to a ‘slap this bolt here’ daily drudgery is nothing short of criminal.

There is no need to go back any farther than the mid to late 1990’s a time when professionals were still regarded as respected members of an elite group that positively influenced the direction of their firms. Given latitude to pursue creatively satisfying paths within their disciplines well trained, experienced, and educated individuals would go to work feeling empowered. They knew that if the company did well as a result of their efforts they would also share in the rewards for a job well done. This concrete honesty has now been replaced by rampant dishonesty that justifies the enrichment of only the takers. The enforcers of corporate illusion and short-term self-destruction proliferate like vermin ever present to destroy the morale of the producers – those who fashion something from nothing that can be sold to customers.

Not only have businesses become penny-pinching dictatorial production oriented hell-pits churning out inferior products and services they have also shut off all communication channels formally used by professionals. Professionals had more fulfilling work environments. They were even directly engaged with the firm’s customers, eliciting feedback on their particular needs. Working directly with the customer to envision, design, and craft products and services that uniquely addressed their requirements well-rounded fully engaged professionals felt empowered. Customers were also more satisfied because they believed their needs were being addressed not shoved off to a horde of uninformed process hounds spouting media trendy concepts that they were ill-equipped to understand.

By decomposing positions down to their most finite tasks and handing off the interaction, design, and even what tools will be used to a corps of marketers and schedule obsessed accounting hacks we guarantee job dissatisfaction, mediocrity, uninspiring year-in-year-out product reproductions of poorly designed junk, dissatisfied customers, and the meek compliance of idiotic procedures and processes. Every member of the organization knows full well that they are regarded as nothing more than widgets that the uninformed firm believes can be easily replaced.

Relying upon the ignorant staff of intermediaries in management that have relegated professionals to worker Droid status, stupidity is now widespread across most organizations. Businesses are riddled from top to bottom with unintellectual fast-talking marketing and accounting types who are nothing more than con-artists capable of proliferating professional concepts that are the death-knell of this distorted modern ultra-capitalism. More focused upon this class of takers than those who actually produce the products and services that is the life’s blood of a business our new corporate club of self-congratulating executives have stifled the passionate creative spirit essential to real capitalism. This monstrosity of institutional simplicity continues to bleed income from the producers into administrative and CEO compensation. The end is near for this income transfer socialism from those who daily produce to those less-productive jugglers of processes and illusion.

Let’s be honest, the real reason these uninformed out of touch middle-level managers and autocratic leftovers from a bygone era are in charge of the professional producers of products and services is to extract every precious farthing from slowly ‘dissolving’ organizations. All those accumulated pennies become the millions and billions of dollars funneled up to the executives and investors who destroy the future viability of their company and society. No thought is given beyond the short-term to the survivability of the business. Interaction, decency, honesty, shared prosperity, creative empowerment, all those intangibles and tangibles that allow happy productive valued employees to create a treasure trove of visionary products and services is now crushed under the weight of a top-heavy bureaucracy. It’s a fools’ parade that enforces the uninspired self-destructive processes and outcomes killing our organizations.