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Products Are the Footprint of a Society

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A society's 'character' is reflected not only in direct ways (people, government, and culture) but also in the products that it creates. Where low cost, cheap labor production is a hallmark of a "Taker" society; artful creations imbued with quality are distinctly attributable to a "Community" society.

Taker societies aren't concerned with the long-term perpetuation of cohesive beneficial advancement of the majority of participants. This type of society latches a hold of a cultural stratum that is defined by selfish individualism that limits societal dynamism through significant hindrances to the free flow of communication across established lines of thought, action, and power. Any member of this deteriorative societal structure can at any time be manipulated into taking actions divergent to their own best interests simply because power is exerted in an authoritarian single-minded uncooperative way against those in inferior castes or positions.

Products produced by Taker societies reflect the underlying 'footprint' of a society based upon extracting the most for the least. They are 'polluted' with disunity, shoddy products, disorganization, long-term strife, unpredictability, enhanced poverty, and conflict.

A Taker society doesn't create products it produces products that are functional only at the barest minimum of requirements. These products are made with little to no care towards crafting a quality unit but with every iota of energy expended in saving money.

The members of a Taker society are myopically focused on their interests to the exclusion of everyone else. This pervasive attitude generates a general disregard for the quality of one's work, exacerbated by declining wages. Eventually, a general disregard for every aspect of the societal framework (government, culture, economic) results in a hell with everything attitude.

It should be apparent that this form of societal framework is doomed to implode from all of the countervailing rifts that propel it toward oblivion.

The central societal framework to be found on this planet is of the Taker form. That is why all societal components are now imploding at an ever-increasing rate of self-perpetuated destruction.

There is but a single societal framework that can guarantee stability, sustainability, equity, equality, permanence, and continuity - this is a community-based society. Community best exemplifies the main distinguishing features of this form of species organization.

Not an inherent easily derived form of society; it must be nurtured, and protected at every step of the way. Given that every organic species is genetically wired to look after the interests of one's self first and foremost, we all must use our intellect to comprehend the benefits of including others in our calculus of 'best interests'.

Once others are included within this calculus we begin to recognize small hints that these community based actions benefit all by sustaining an emotional continuity that enhances the stability of the entire society resulting in palpable security and peace for those involved.

Products going through the production process become more than mere disconnected material things to be used and discarded with little to no thought, the products become a symbol or reflection of a higher order society. They come to reflect the combined efforts of a community of interested, concerned citizens that create quality, creatively endowed, technologically superior forms of art that are a touchstone of pride in one's accomplishments as a nation.

No longer are these just mere things disembodied from the societal framework (government, culture, economic) but emblematic of the beauty and grace that endows each member in an enlightened fellowship of interests.

Where smooth flowing lines can be achieved in an engineered product that goal is sought over producing a cheap expendable piece of trash not suitable to be placed among the creations of this higher-order society.

Nothing shifts stealthy undetected from the purview of a completely integrated societal framework - no "it will do" is tolerated within a community based upon respect. All the members of the community have a connection to their elegantly crafted emblems of societal prowess - they understand the ramifications of destructive behavior.