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Process Hounds Destroy Innovation

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A consensus is forming; all the chatter that clogs the channels of serious considered thought is even moving towards a common realization. Our shared national purpose has been scattered like so many leaves blown towards the distant horizon. In the days of the kinder gentler less intrusive corporate rule we average folk shared in the expansive dreams of a nation. We all felt connected to, a part of the journeys that were moving us towards a more promising future.

When massive Saturn 5 rocket's launched their skyscraper sized mass with fire erupting so bright you could barely look at the pad we were all transfixed in a singular blazing vision, a certain spectacular quest. Every factory was humming, streets were clean, even rundown neighborhoods were being transformed into livable communities. The question most commonly asked was not "how bad will it get" but instead "what do you think we'll accomplish next year", where will our ingenuity lead us.

It is a sad commentary that instead of allowing that ingenuity free rein we crushed it under a business and government bureaucracy that favored processes over breakthroughs. With so much energy expended on maintaining the laser focus of these processes instead of directed at achieving meaningful goals, progress slowed, inched up the process mountain, sputtering, until it just ran out of steam.

In stepped the cadre of process hounds. Stuffed with hopes of acquiring gobs of cash, recently popped out of any number of MBA programs these fresh-faced youngsters were eager to please. They took their places alongside an army of existing process 'experts' that over time outnumbered the true experts, the engineers, technicians, scientists, mathematicians, doctors, nurses, and laborers. All the creator's who's minds envisioned the wonders possible in a global community of "doers", the laborers who used their hands or machines to make the creator's visions tangible were suddenly insignificant - the dogma 'experts' had ascended to golden thrones.

Degeneration set in, not an easily seen decent into societal collapse but a silent barely perceptible rot ensued.

Excessive greed running rampant in a society is capable of rotting the sturdy timbers of civilization. But greed has always been part of the human condition. We've accepted, even condoned a certain level of greed. Acknowledging that some individuals are spurred on to do great things by their insatiable greed we just assumed that the selfish directed outcomes of these process hounds would somehow benefit society. Others in this credentialed, exclusive cartel of privilege that were driven by fame, power, or posterity were also ignored, allowed to reach their goals, no matter how much damage they inflicted, or what they trashed on their way to the top.

Occasionally, problems arise even in the most carefully orchestrated scheme. What happened was those with an insatiable festering greed started to outnumber the rest of us who weren't single-mindedly driven to acquire jeweled kingdoms. We actually had lives not gutted by a desire to become filthy rich before our thirtieth birthday.

With the number of process hounds exponentially exploding like locust swarming from all directions, it would have been 'criminal' (at least in the sloppy minds of the elites) to allow these 'experts' to go to waste. Popping out of the dogma encrusted business schools at an ever-unsustainable rate it became a problem of too much supply chasing to little demand.

The Corporatist establishment finally found a 'solution' that would utilize this overabundance of swarm-minds - fresh-faced 'experts' short on life experiences but brimming with dogma 'absolutes' would be moved into every facet of a firm's operations. Those 'precious' serial thinkers that couldn't be stuffed into existing organizations would become 'experts' for hire in management consulting companies.

Obviously, with a treasure trove of "good book" knowledge available, the business leaders (also expertly tuned box-thinkers in their own right) decided that they'd give these morons free rein. Not having any meaningful scientific, technical, or labor skills, these process hounds decided to do what they did best; create processes aligned to the gospel of 'free-market' worship. They'd just hidebound every single creative productive worker, the free flow of ideas would stop, productivity would be impaired, efficiency would become a thing of the past, and eventually quality would become what old-timers strived for in a bygone era.

With greater influence over the processes that they controlled, and now firmly established in their power base, these process hounds began to denigrate the ever-dwindling accomplishments of all employees. For it must be understood, these business 'experts' had to justify their positions and what better way to prop themselves up than on the backs of an army of low-wage laborers accessible from any corner of the globe. By keeping this ever-growing supply of producers, laborers, under their thumb in a process hell, these ultra-capitalist Jesuits could reap the benefits from a power structure that they controlled.

But like all contrivances things start to break down, processes built upon false premises begin to fail, the low-cost model of production clunked along producing more junk that had to be fixed, and the 'experts' prophesies never transpired. The entire societal structure became riddled with stress marks tied to this or that 'expert' opinion.

Complicating the entire messy flotsam was the addition of more 'experts' pooped at ever-faster rates from other pseudo-scientific dogma inspired disciplines like Economics. Logic, the hard sciences, and the insightful were being overrun by these know it all goofballs that seemed to have a handy out of pocket wrong answer for everything.

How could it get worse? Easy, just let a society start believing that wrong outcomes, inconsistent objectives, and problems are actually positive evidence of 'expert' intellectual prowess. When we begin to allow those who've mucked up our society to progress and prosper simply because these rulers refuse to disavow their religious tenets, learned gospel, and credentials for reality based positive outcomes it's time to find a cave and start praying.

Make certain that your cave or preferred place of exile is far enough away from major population centers when this whole world of illusion starts unwinding. Case in point, the Gulf of Mexico ecologically trashed by a mega oil company has ruined the lives of untold millions of hard working people who call the Gulf coast their home. So watch out! It can always get worse, and it will.

Here's another survival tidbit that should help you exit this societal implosion with a few less scars.

Stop reading, listening, or watching information sources that tend to paint a rosy picture of bad events, suggest that this is a "new normal", or spin facts so obtusely that they obviously support ridiculous assertions.

Lastly, never believe established sources at face value until you can vet whether what they're conveying is reasonably based in fact and reality.

In the meantime, just make whatever income you can, attempt to keep your sanity, derive happiness from the knowledge that you're blessed with insight into the wackiness that is engulfing the planet, and watch your pocket like a hawk.