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Prisoners of Labor Gulag Are Staging a Prison Breakout

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The establishment continues to talk as if working people do not exist - like we are mere interchangeable cogs in their system of 1% exploitation. Our human rights and desires always take second place to the vested interests of big-business, big-government, and big rich bosses intent on taking us to the cleaners every chance they get just so they can bulk-up on more money and power. Who looks after our interests, those of everyday citizens struggling to make-ends-meet? Does anyone in the ivory tower crowd care about the havoc they unleash on global citizens who are forced to descend deeper into poverty? Probably not - like the crazed income druggies they are these parasites have an insatiable urge to drain our communities and paychecks dry so they can purchase more over-the-top toys and goodies.

Is it really such a leap to believe that 99% of the world's inhabitants have a right to...?

  • Chart their own future free from rich vested interests

  • Control every business that they work for without interference from CEO executive office and other bosses who only want to siphon off all the income and power for themselves

  • Clean water

  • Universal healthcare

  • Universal education up to a Master's level degree

  • Direct control over every aspect of their lives via a ubiquitous social network

  • 100% green clean energy generation that does not destroy the environment

  • Affordable super-fast mass continental transit systems

  • Governments free of lobbyists and special interests

  • Genuine democracy - even at work

All of this and more outlined in the People's Movement Societal Proposal can be ours to invest in and act upon - to hell with the robber barons who will scream bloody murder when we tell them to go take a hike.

Essentially, those of us in the general population are staging a prison breakout. We are no longer going to accept the status-quo arrangement that leaves the income junkies in the warden's office in complete control. This shit-house is changing for the better into an egalitarian 24/7 democracy without jailers or other leaches ready to throw us under the bus to advance their careers and decadent lifestyles.

We should all come together across this fractured world and tear down all the walls and imaginary barriers that separate us from each other....

  • Remove all hierarchical power structures that feed into the Ruler Syndrome - the need exhibited by all primates to have leaders tell us what to do

  • Replace ruler based feudal societal systems like capitalism with a new 21st Century flat horizontal people-first society called Civilizationism where everyone is a contributor

Just tell King Trump and all the other power hungry mongrels to crawl back under the rocks that they came from because we the people are finally taking control over our own destinies!