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Practicality Should Reign Over Mythology

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A pleasant breeze is gently blowing away all the philosophical creeds of a past mired in perpetuating fantasy-based theories in economics, business and politics. These were theories enhanced with ideas and concepts that matched the philosophical ideals inculcated by the reigning mythology of the day. Thankfully we're moving past strict adherence to superstition and towards practical solutions to our immediate problems.

In every society since the dawn of humanity there have been 'enlightened' holders of the truth - scholars, wise men, shamans, and whatever name we gave traditionalists that unquestioningly built 'knowledge' upon the myths of the day. These wise people didn't produce practical guides to reality. What they unknowingly mass-produced was instead fodder used to perpetuate a mythological culture based upon illusion. Scientific inquiry was therefore never practiced in the philosophical disciplines of economics, business, law, and politics because they've always been charged with maintaining order in a medieval society based upon folklore and superstition.

This is why our creeds and ideals have remained so rock solid even in the face of unyielding reality - an example is the inherent 'genetic' desire to balance budgets even in the face of utter economic collapse. What has transpired over the past few decades has been this cult of ordered predictability that has attempted to layer one mathematical model upon the next to lend credence to a fantasy based set of economic theories that discarded the chaotic, unpredictable, instinctual, and emotionally infused mass of human interaction that morphs our global society into unrecognizable forms. We're left at any given moment with a vacuum of predictability from which to base any conception of our ever-changing world; only one element can be analyzed with certainty - the here and now.

When faced with problems instead of falling back upon doctrine, superstition, and philosophical creeds we should simply attempt to solve what we can practically. Let the future shift and drift about endlessly in some nebulous vision only clairvoyants can fathom - let's just get on with what needs to be corrected now. If this means as is typically the case that we do all the stupid things before we accept the practical realistic solutions not listed among our most esteem shaman's incantations - so be it. Eventually, we will recognize the cold hard alternatives we're faced with and select those deemed most politically acceptable to the general population.

Throughout history there have been a few leaders that have been the pragmatic realistic "get the job done" visionaries that have moved society forward even against the cries of anguish, and gnashing of teeth coming from the holders of the established societal faith. These were the anything but common proponents of providing a better life for their citizens in the here and now instead of fulfilling the precepts of an ingrained 'religious' like mysticism. Humankind has always been blessed with a few of these unique leaders during a tumult when most who came forward were simply followers. Without them the great shifts in progressive change would never have transpired.

Society does demand stability within the troughs of peaceful monotone habitual life but when we're faced with exogenous or endogenous changes that defy categorization we must be ready to question not only our answers but also our questions. Essentially, all any of this means is that we should constantly be on our toes, ready for the next unexpected, unrecognized, and unseen shift in our worldview. For the universe is ever creating and destroying in ways unfathomable to our procedures, and ritual bound minds; so we should always recognize that we may not truly understand everything with utter certainty.