Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Power of PM’s Amorphous Dynamic System

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A full frontal attack on the institutions and organizations complicit in the enforced denial of our economic, constituent and civil rights must also integrate a total divestiture of all investments in these global parasites. This also includes cashing out the equities and securities of companies that are destroying our environment. Ours is a multifaceted assault that isn’t limited to street protests, strikes, stay-at-home campaigns, and revolution, but also combines many more creative tactics.

Continually evolving from the societal soup that is the intellectual molding of diverse cultures and backgrounds the People’s Movement is an amorphous shifting dynamic system comprising billions of our fellow citizens. The genius that is the world’s population is being thrust against a puny minority of slithering parasites that are incapable of quickly adapting to such an overwhelming onslaught.

Social networking, the power of propagating information at the speed of light across a global interlinked network that is the Internet forms our impromptu organizational structure that has no hierarchical underpinnings.

Our strength lies in the loose coupling – in most cases unconnected amalgamation. We must never organize PM into an easily identified body. Keeping our loosely joined ideals based ‘cloud’ of adherents decoupled from the underlying actively engaged appendage organizations affords us the protection and continuity characteristic of faith based philosophies. If a few appendage groups that are adherents to the PM philosophy are smashed they will be quickly reassembled from the billions of followers quietly residing in the nebulous ‘cloud’ of ethics.

Tightly bound systems are always fraught with discontinuities that lead to a dysfunctional degeneration. Better to let the natural dynamism of chaotic systems both natural and artificial to migrate to their own states. No planned system is capable of adjusting to the lightning speed of a naturally evolving system.

Every societal component of the planetary oligarchic machine follows a dictatorial model of top-down system planning comfortably familiar to the elite masters who typically possess complementary sociopathic tendencies. These power hungry, greedy, self-centered creatures of habit are drawn like bugs to light. They enjoy pulling the big ‘levers’ that manipulate their many closely bound contrivances used to vacuum all the resources and wealth from our spherical labor pit.

Therefore, actively amplifying the already inherent dynamism of our movement by identifying many more targets of resistance will keep our opponents heads spinning. They’ll be unable to mount an effective defense let alone an offense. They’re inherent psychological instincts and tendencies coupled with their inferior hands on societal systems will make it utterly counter to the laws of nature – we’re using their own perceived strength against them.

Why expend needless energy when our opponents systems are spinning in well-defined patterns – tap into this readily available energy source. Destroy these already destabilized endlessly tweaked marvels of power-hungry manipulation by not pulling the plug but by redirecting the power supply. A devolving mess of tangled insanity awaits our final push. Let the abomination fly over the edge into the abyss.