Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Poverty, Crime, and Drugs Eliminated In Equitable Society

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Curling around bright glass and steel towers our nation exudes an economic promise that is being realized by each citizen, not just those blessed with good fortune. It was less than 8 years ago when poverty was a disease that sickened our culture with hopelessness, ignorance, and criminality leaving whole cities stained from a subculture of destitution. In the winner take all society that existed before the "enlightenment", the "forgotten" roamed across vast economic wastelands left to scrounge for themselves without thought of any future. Viewing this from a present that hums with an assured spirit of community cohesion, it is hard to fathom that we clung to the wings of evil for so long.

Immorality reigned supreme in a land built by hucksters ready to ascend the peaks of wealth one body upon another. Unrealized in that age of ultimate deception was how unsustainable every fiber of our disconnected lives had become - we were literally adrift on a flotsam of waste. At any moment the course of our existence could deviate towards oblivion leaving us with no lifeboat - ours was a careless gamble against the odds. Bleakness became a frequent companion during our busy existence in this player's economy. We'd been so well programmed to expend ourselves for the few hucksters racing futilely along, that we failed to notice that everyone was beginning to fall through the cracks.

Our survival could never be translated effectively into the creed of disinterested individualism. Like it or not we were all woven into a patchwork of dependencies requiring that we attempt to bring everyone in from the cold. Granted the economic summits would never again provide such breathtaking vistas but neither would the regular slips off the edge occur when our feet were firmly planted upon even ground. By designing an economy that included all citizens in their national community we achieved sustainability and stability. No longer would the gamblers rush of a jackpot and the subsequent depression of long stretches of unfulfilled gratification be the feast or famine economic roulette won by the few but lost by many.

From a foundation of equality, equity, and economic justice all citizens were finally afforded the right to excel to their highest aspirations. By investing in our people and our country we guaranteed a best chance to all not just those apportioned with an abundance of luck, money, or selfish tendencies. Transformed into a community of individuals working towards a common national vision we'd succeeded in advancing the goals of most citizens past their immediate survival into an aurora of uncharted inspiration.

In just 4 years the nation undertook to complete the most comprehensive transportation network ever envisioned. Rural, suburban, and city spaces were linked with a 500 mph maglev monorail transportation network designed to serve the needs of both commuters and long distance travelers. The jobs created from this project alone amounted to an after multiplicative effect stimulus of around $3 trillion on an initial government investment of $1 trillion dollars. Using energy from the new renewable energy grid the maglev monorail transportation network is able to operate within the medians of existing interstate highways connected via numerous "on ramp" terminals, and 'spidered' through every city by an efficient, cost effective, and ecologically safe design.

Energizing a dormant ability to dream grand dreams also meant that we needed to once again actualize them into meaningful results able to blanket a crumbling nation with comprehensive opportunity for all our citizens. That was achieved by rebuilding an industrial and technological base that could employ all workers across their full spectrum of abilities and intellect. With the newly functioning International Economic Congress providing global worker protections, profession wage floors, Capital and Labor balanced trade agreements, and financial oversight, our ability to rebuild an industrial sector centering on "Green Industries" supplying national and global markets became very achievable. These "Green" industrial centers along with investments in technology incubators feed the needs of the western renewable energy grid that powers our nation with clean energy at 1/20 the cost of the obsolete nonrenewable sources.

The entire economic superstructure rests upon a cushion of nationalized healthcare (single payer system); university tuition paid by the federal government at 90%, a "National Teacher Corps" that recruits newly graduated teachers at higher pay rates to serve across our country, and national union membership of most workers.

Overall, the investments made in our nation, the checks & balances between Capital & Labor interests, and the economic cushion overlaid on the concrete of laissez-faire capitalism have eliminated poverty along with the crime, drug usage, and ignorance that besieged our selfish dysfunctional society.