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Pooper Scooper Snooper NSA Division

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"Last night Judy was taken away." Looking off in the distance at the thin white clouds was all the energy John could summon. His world was crushed. Jose didn't utter a sound - couldn't blame him. Far too many people had been shackled and hustled away for expressing an opinion under the revised rules of the Homeland Act of 2015.

Total situational awareness was how the well-fed body-snatched politicians described the NSA's need to pry into every tiny detail. No ant hill, dung pile, or refuge dump was immune from the super-duper secret snooper technology. A division of spying existed for every conceivable paranoia concocted fantasy.

Lately, the pigmy sized minds at the "Citizens Covert Intel Arm" even decided that poop scooping would yield a treasure trove of snooper-duper information. This was deemed an excellent way to enhance the already burgeoning files of income starved bottom-scrapper citizens.

Special treats awaited those spies - the chosen crew who could reap the informational rewards of their very own special pile. So now, when you sat down on the white plastic you the average citizen had to be mindful that your larger dumps were being intercepted and analyzed. All flushes at strategic moments were being calculated and cross-referenced using precise algorithms that would detect the slightest lifestyle deviation - this was classified as "Deviant Detection and Prevention".

It was odd that people worried about all their information falling into the wrong hands. Wasn't that the purpose of a government to nurture and protect all the members of their posse? Every last lobbyist-snatched politician, well-fed income dripping corporate executive, and all the special castle dwellers who depended upon keeping the low-life bottom-scrappers in line surely required an army of jackboots hiding in dark alleys. How could a self-respecting super rich baron stay in power without ferreting out all those dirty little secrets and squeezing out every last atom of personal data?

So watch those plumper brown floaters when you're sitting on that special pot. Worry long, worry hard, but most importantly don't start talking to yourself or looking funny at that guy with the dark shades. For the popper scooping snoopers are popping up all over the place.