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Polluted Mega Corrupt Dying Planet

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Today the sky was a dark gray but at least the air was breathable, not like yesterday when we were forced to wear our air masks. Reports are coming from down on the coast that the oily seawater has seeped into another fresh water aquifer. Water, drinkable, potable water is now forecasted to last for only ten more years - humanity has frayed its lifeline beyond repair, we're doomed.

Read somewhere online that this is the fiftieth anniversary of the last flight of the Space Shuttle Columbia. Don't understand how that has any bearing on our desperate existence but maybe it's mothballing was the demarcation line between the progressive society and our present regressive global corporate authoritarianism.

Linn died today after she lost her battle with one of the many super bug bacteria strains that has flourished in our planet's toxic biosphere. She was a good friend of mine; my wife Diana loved her frequent visits. It hurt her even more then me - her death had been slow and excruciatingly painful. Praying at her bedside we asked that she be transported from this hell to her rightful place in heaven. Our anguish rushes out in spasms, filling this void, our wasteland with pain; this place of cheap life - cheaper lies.

Went to the aquarium a few weeks ago to look at the digital images of the sea life we killed off - had to leave before we'd seen the entire exhibit. They say this happens a lot to older folks who still possess vivid memories of all the creatures that had swam in our oceans before we poisoned them. We rushed from the place crying - very embarrassing. Maybe some supreme being out there beyond our soup of deadly gases can forgive us but most don't believe this is possible.

The wondrously corrupt government put up another of those cameras this time inside our yard. It is understood; at least by all patriotic justice minded citizens that our government of the corporate interests can never be too careful at rooting out those citizens on the verge of becoming terrorist types.

They seem to use that "terrorist" word for just about any crime that negatively affects the vested interests of the ruling clan. Of course, we all know that this is code, for the bought and sold interests who rule over us, these masters, are ever so fearful of their slaves 'biting' their leg. Heaven forbid, the bit could be fatal - you can never be too sure what diseases we've contracted outside the protective shells.

On the outside of the Environ Seals we're exposed to all the shit that the mega corporations have 'excreted' over the innumerable decades in their race towards the pinnacle of power, decadence, corruption, and unlimited pilfered loot. Us low life's aren't allowed inside the Environ Seals because we're expendable workers; citizens of no consequence.