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Political Party Bosses Handpick Candidates in Autocratic Societies

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Society is a malleable organizational creation of sentient beings that typically evolves into its many fundamental parts. Anywhere intelligent creatures interact with their environment like whales and dolphins in the oceans of this world you will find some form of community, shared bonds, a sense of belonging to a group, and a unique set of characteristics that differentiate each element of unity from the others. Higher level organisms that are cogently aware of their surroundings and able to shape the environment that they find themselves within have the most elaborate societal superstructures that can either be collaboratively egalitarian or authoritarian. In all cases from the least to the most sophisticated, the society that we are a member of is the template for our interpersonal relationships, attitudes, government, economy, and how we view the world and ourselves. Nothing is left in an indeterminate condition once a community has rallied behind the rudiments of a society that in the early stages takes the form of a skeletal governing body.

Depending upon your frame of reference - whether your historiography flows from a hierarchically authoritarian or bottom-up pure democracy all those who you share a common daily experience will interact and over time as your population increases organically generate more complex societal constructs that still share the central theme of your progenitors. Either the intervening years will spawn a tendency in your social group to lean towards centralized strong dominant hierarchical undemocratic or decentralized self-governing bottom-up 24/7 democracies. Even the type of economic arrangements that you make with your peers is cultivated within your social group. The underlying superstructures found in your society are either a constraining or invigorating influence that directly reflects the theme of your legal system. Stemming from either a top tier controlled elite dominance pyramid or wholly egalitarian bottom-up web of social interactions linked across fully empowered individuals and communities the judicial substructure will emulate how the society is controlled.

Being a member of an undemocratic society that has at its very top a privileged elite class that rules over all facets of governance, including the writing of legislation by lobbyist constituent proxies will typically mean you will be a member of a culture that mirrors attitudes, beliefs, and immoral precepts that correlate with this type of primitive feudal lords-of-the-manor dictatorship. Dangers abound in this degenerate societal form, especially for those unfortunate enough to find themselves languishing in the lower classes of the majority. Stability is nonexistent, and anxiety is pervasive in these "make-it-so" dictatorial regimes. When a society derives its legitimacy from off-balanced, wealth hungry, bank stuffing control freaks, sane and rational outcomes should not be expected. Rampant insanity pervades and pollutes all social dialogue, from the interaction that the downtrodden majorities have with their cash blowing masters, to the spiritualism promoted as science.

In autocratic societies propaganda is a necessary ingredient that pacifies the exploited masses. Propaganda joined with a spiritualism that promotes the 'virtues' of complacency and some reward awaiting the virtuous when they die, only to be received if they have followed the rules of the society are key tools in the misinformation arsenal used to redirect, or channel displeasure with an unfair and inequitable society to 'sins' or faults all 'inferior' the faithful have that somehow always gets in their way of successfully navigating the tyranny. No need to agonize over your inability to reach perfection. In these unnatural worry filled subcultures intertwined to the whole, everyone has a chance to make it to the paradise of the Promised Land if they will only purge the always present 'sins' that hold them down, from their inner beings. Such a malignant, terribly effective pacification regimen exists nowhere else - the elite pharaohs of this world had a stroke of brilliance when then joined spirituality to their cultural systems of pillage. Incontrovertible gospel that is upper class propaganda blaring out from 'bullhorns' into the global gulag is ceaselessly telling labor slaves how good their jailers are compared to those others. All discourse is framed around differentiating each labor slave from all those invaders out to take the wonderful gifts that Corporate Dictatorships would love to hand over to their much 'beloved' workers if only they would submit to a few more lashes.

Our feudal lords must be laughing all the way to the bank. Keeping us so focused on all the differences in a beautifully diverse human race allows the royalty to shove more loot into their offshore banks that just happen to be tax havens. Sing hallelujah, the vaults are at capacity. Expending all our energy on hating individuals that belong to this or that race, nationality, religion, or having any other discernable difference in this mosaic that is the colorful and emotionally rich human family lets the castle dwellers in the 1% amass more wealth. Diversity emphasis is just another form of anger misdirection that they use like religion to keep us distracted from the important issues burying us deeper in the viper pit. The Establishment media parrots can focus on all the hate crimes, bigotry, ethnocentrism, and religious intolerance instead of digging deep into our rulers pillage of the economy, like the 11.5 million documents comprising the Panama Papers describing how the 1% too-rich-to-give-a-damn crowd launder money through shell companies evading taxes that over the years has been shifted to the middle and lower classes. These modern day raiders use their monetary leverage to control all nation-state facades through their 1% big-business shadow government. They keep the pressure off the constant drone of their earnings pumps draining the global economy of income and wealth. To the tune of many trillions of dollars this haul ultimately ends up in offshore and Swiss banks that are also tax havens or it is plowed into the financial phantom economy casinos that generate more 'wealth' for these modern day monarchs taking the form of illusory assets - worthless appreciations not tied to any tangible increases in corporate productive value. Those of us in the hinterlands who make all this good 'fortune' possible for our lords get a swift hard kick into a waiting ditch.

Based upon observation, it is therefore an inconvertible fact that injustice is a very real byproduct of societies arranged to exclusively benefit a particular segment of the population. Those not fortunate enough to be situated in the privileged class of upper echelon controllers get further mired in more demanding work environments, less supportive communities, and legal systems that bend over backwards to help their elite masters but only have scorn for less financially secure members of the general populous. Outside witnesses visiting such a degenerate culture would find it odd that the majority forced into labor slavery by an elite superrich cabal could be so complacent. These eyewitnesses to sentient depredation would marvel at how well trained the tolerant pawns of widespread extortion have become under the black-boot of big-business Corporatism. Surely, we must question the sanity of any sentient beings that sublimely take orders for most of their day within Corporate Dictatorships but classify their society as democratic. In the slang of the planet they "must have a screw loose" to fool themselves into believing there is even a ting of liberty in their drudgery filled days. Even though there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary that there is not a 'particle' of democracy drifting in the air in this backwoods multiplicity of feudal kingdoms most people will never admit that their true condition is a voiceless tyranny verging on absolute slavery. From votes squashed by political party bosses, the front loading of super-delegates in the Democratic Party, and the back-loading of custom crafted 'rules' in the Republican Party that is more reminiscent of how autocracies operated in the now defunct Soviet Union and the new capitalist dictatorship in China readily squashing liberties pretend peoples' democracies abound on this benighted criminal infested world.

For purposes of clarity let us detangle the planetary incestuous business relationships that exist between political party bosses, corporate board members, politicians, and a whole host of executives of many ranks all with a two overriding objectives: to amass more wealth and power. Being a member of the top tier elite Establishment means you will probably never pay much in the way of taxes and can use the public institutions both business and government as your own personal cash machine. If you were to ask most people even just a few months ago whether they believed it was fair for business owners and executives to pilfer 'their' businesses and use 'their' workers like expendable tools they would have answered in a resounding: "Yes". Now if you went around conducting an unscientific poll about if laborers should be subjected to declining benefits, raise-less wages constantly eaten away by rising prices, and 1% elites that demand their enormous slice off the top of corporate sales receipts, a clear majority would blare out that this is thievery on a grand planetary scale. Leaving behind just barely enough to cover business expenses most people will now tell you that this form of systematized legally sanctioned income and wealth extraction by a self-anointed upper-class of barons and baronesses is nothing more than societal promoted theft.

Zealots are always present even in the most despicable conditions possible and this obtuse cultural insanity is no exception to this rule. There are always those who cherish their miserable situation. Maybe it is just easier to glide along a known path than blaze a newly uncharted course towards liberty and prosperity. When change is afoot these desensitized lovers of conformity will cleave to all the elite status quo stagnation promoters. For in a degenerate 'taker' society like capitalism all movement from the daily drum beat of organized banditry would reduce the amount hauled in by the elites. The slightest drop in wealth transfer from the lower classes would reduce the cumulative yearly loot total flowing into offshore and Swiss bank accounts in those decades that these tax havens were overlooked. Better to invest in a cadre of bought-and-paid-for political hacks to repeat every chance they get how 'unrealistic' it is for the citizenry to believe they could change their circumstances, alter their society in even a minor way that would benefit them, their children, and all the communities that they belong too. This surefire investment over the years has paid many dividends by keeping the general population believing that societies, economies, and all the malleable cultural components are in fact static constants of a universe that adores elite looters.

Those of us fortunate enough to originate from egalitarian ports of call are appalled by the intensity and level of legalized plunder occurring on this world. We already innately know that productive entities cannot be just a means for business elites to sweep up wealth from the society. Setting adrift the global population to fend for themselves without direct control and ownership over businesses that generate the economic income that fuels and sustains a culture's economy all so a handful of mafia types can accumulate unimaginable wealth is sinisterly criminal. Economic engines, the production powerhouses that yield the output from creative and productive workers should not be separated from the society outside the sphere of influence of the laborers. All business associations are social entities that benefit the entire civilization and are integrally fused to the society. Tearing these industrious service and product spawning human organized, operated, and creative centers from the very society that they trace their origins just so a few mega-rich monarchs can insure they send all wealth to their financial casinos and stadium sized bank vaults is a heinous assault on every principle of civilized society.

Well-adjusted, cooperative, community oriented, and sustainable cultures strongly cling to each other in supportive networks that interlink across broad diverse environments. Our single most important interpersonal arena merged into this galaxy of communication strands that build and enhance these supportive networks that all of us depend upon is also the place that we spend our most time. Work dominates, defines who we are, enhances our sense of worth and well-being, and challenges us to fulfill our destiny and dreams. That is if it is not just a cleverly designed way to squeeze our life essence from our bodies. In this abnormal society the combining of our entire creative output and productive 'juices' in this grand blender yields products and services cashed in by a few sociopaths to buy the good life - a pleasure cruise beyond imagining. This is nothing more than a primitive feudal based extraction oriented society where those well positioned at the pinnacle of the selfish cannibalism make out like bandits while the vast majority just scrape by down in the depths of the labor dungeon.

The efficiency of this society's labor dungeon should not be equated to the competitiveness of the base economy. The competitiveness of an economy has nothing at all to do with whether it is organized like capitalism to exploit the vast majority of the population just so a greedy few can live like royalty or if it is an enlightened bottom-up community of empowered individuals reaping all the fruits of their labors. Always interesting, is the supposition made by all the purveyors of the capitalist faith that their manipulative system of gross extortion is the only cultural construct able to instill a competitive fervor in the population. Capitalist priests consider it sacrilege to even suggest that their manipulative contrivance that depends upon how effectively the majority population is exploited can engender anything but the best competitive atmosphere. End of discussion. Do not even try to even insinuate that any other societal form with its own unique economic layer could remotely come close to the Darwinian struggle for survival that the capitalist society inflames. Just because a few club wielding Neanderthals pound the majority into oblivion to extract all the goodies does not mean they effectuate the best competitive atmosphere. Ask yourself whether you are motivated more by fear or pleasure. Even though there are innumerable fiefdoms lorded over by sociopaths who would sacrifice their own mothers to gain an extra buck that they could add to their ballooning profit margins just to appease the investors for a three-month business reporting period who are also weary of this fear based extravaganza that lowers the life expectancy of all forced to endlessly grind away in its clutches. The true believers in the capitalist religion would rather be unhappy and die an early death than swap out this societal tumor for a genuine civilization. According to the holders of the capitalist faith no other society is even worthy of consideration. Competition, at least in their clouded, diminished mentalities, polluted by dogma, can never occur in anything other than a capitalist economy that legally enslaves the majority to a princely minority in its societal counterpart. Clearly suspect is this argument that the competitive spirit of sentient beings dissipates into the ether when not suffocating under a mountain of fear and apprehension. Internalized impetuses can be actuated by fear or inspired by passion set ablaze in a rewarding, achievement, and generally egalitarian set of communities bonded to each other in a seamless unity - a clear cobalt-blue sky of possibilities.

Dictatorial based 'taker' societies like ours that are fractured geographically, culturally, socio-economically, racially, ethnically, religiously, and between classes are very adept at using fear, coercion, and an institutionalized apprehension that arouses a work until you drop hyperactivity in both the ruling 1% income miners and the labor slaves. All of us are prodded along. We become part of a growing cattle herd trying to avoid the undertow of a ragging white water river that is always pulling fellow bottomscrapers under. In a society that is the creation of sociopaths', pity and empathy are two emotions that are seldom encountered. Only a hard brutal loneliness pervades a barren landscape of hopelessness. Rapidly dwindling communities that in the past were also support enclaves that we could turn too no longer intercede to stop our 'hooves' pounding down the trail to the slaughterhouse. Unemployment, blackballing, jail, firing by an irritated manager, and a host of other deterrents keep us from disobeying the many prods by the ranch hands driving us to work harder, expect less, and accept more grief. Jail is the electrified prod used by "The Establishment" to keep all the herds from stampeding the palace grounds. Laborers have an added incentive to obey, work extra hours gratis, and accept a litany of indignities because each is just a single widget in an ever expanding pool of widgets.

There is a dichotomy of forces at work. A classic good vs. evil tug-of-war is playing out. Decisions that we make today will determine whether we are drawn deeper into the clutches of a few gigantic Corporate Dictatorships that will be ever more draconian or we elect to energize a "good" that brings about the total removal of this exploitative monstrous elite leach devouring humanity and destroying the planet. Freedom, real democracy, can only be realized in an egalitarian civilizationist society that empowers connected individuals who belong to vibrant communities. Civilizationism has enough in the gas tank to propel us on a voyage to a constellation of possibilities. Imagine how much more all of us can accomplish working together in our ubiquitous united planet of many communities. Shaping our collective dreams into a substantial improvement in our quality of life means not just empowering some power hungry sociopaths to boss us around but actually molding our own destinies.

We have never been truly free to shape our own destinies. All that we know has been based upon a lie. Real democracy exists nowhere on this big-business and elite ruled sphere. Too aspire to the purest form of liberty in a civilizationist society is a quantum leap for any sentient beings coming from a shadow government federalism plugged into many Corporate Dictatorship fiefdoms. Paradigm shifts of this magnitude that require a reversal from a hierarchical top-down pyramidal to a bottom-up 24/7 democracy oriented control structure that is the heart that pounds vigor into civilizationism means all of us will no longer be able to "pass the buck". There is no one to pass it to. Anything that happens or does not happen will be a direct result of decisions we make, the votes we cast for everything from how much we should pay ourselves at work to how we choose to save the environment will either make or break us collectively. This is a level of responsibility that will be invigorating for some and troublesome for others. Social network systems that are the democratic nexus of civilizationism will need us to be involved in our communities not just in a supportive way but directly involved in the daily decisions that in the past we left to others that because of their disconnection from the electorate became mired in dirty money from "Establishment" moneybags. The accountability for a smoothly functioning non-perturbed society will fall squarely on our shoulders, we will have no one to blame but ourselves if we make poor decisions but we will also have everything to gain from those avenues we navigate down that lead us in the right direction.

Surely it is preferable to be in complete control of your own destiny. Instead of having political party bosses, delegates, and the monolithic 1% big-business "Establishment" intertwined across both the Democratic and Republican parties deciding irrespective of the voters' wishes which Soviet style Politburo handpicked cardboard Presidential candidate cutouts they will allow us to vote for why not just dispense with the whole charade. Handpicked candidates like the Chinese Communist Party is forcing upon the people of Hong Kong and the U.S. elite shadow government authoritarians are proposing in both the Democratic and Republican parties are a suppression of the voice of the majority population. This is nothing more than a boldfaced disenfranchisement of the citizenry's by an "Establishment". Super-party, super-delegate, supreme-big-business Corporate Dictatorships, conglomerate business interests, a federation of 1% elite power manipulators, and bastions of kings and queens, all the vultures that live off the carcass of the people, are attempting to silence us by taking away our liberties - our inalienable right to chart our own course, unperturbed by outside influences.

Our solution is to dispense with the whole sham. Chuck the CEO, executive, transnational business autocratic agglomeration out the window. Build a fair, decent, companionate, respectful, equitable, egalitarian civilizationist People's Movement society on the ashes of this big-business pandering monstrosity called capitalism. Rip the heart from this abomination that saunters around spitting out condescending comments, always talking down to people they feel threatened by, never allowing any unapproved intelligent discourse to rise up from non-Establishment sources. The political, economic, and all other components of this capitalist society are rigged. There is no reforming this degenerate economic strip mining operation that leaves the majority of citizens regardless of their ideological leanings struggling to pay the bills. We are putting aside more each month for skyrocketing insurance premiums, out of pocket medical payouts to a healthcare industry now bleeding us blind because lobbyist flimflam artists have legally bound us to thousands of dollar deductibles in Obama Care policies not worth the paper they are written on, university tuition going through the roof, a lifetime of college debt, and credit card debt accumulated just to maintain the bare necessitates. We are even forced to accept the shiploads of money that could have raised our wages going instead to 1% bandits who leave us groping in the dirt for the grains of gold spilled by their raiding parties on route to offshore and Swiss banks in tax havens.

The whole stinking dung pile is a gross misrepresentation of democracy. What we have is nothing more than a corporate welfare, filthy-rich contrivance that takes all the wealth and income from us bottomscrapers funneling it up to castle dwellers who game the 'democratic' capitalist society in their favor. They hire legions of lobbyists who influence and write legislation in the cesspool called 'government' that is favorable to them and their fellow one percenters. Lobbyists have the worst of the million dollar crinkled envelope handout duties. This is because they are the prime poopers crouched over that huge dung pile. But somebody must come up with the twisted knots. This keeps the rest of us trying to identify the policy, dogma, and elite propaganda shape shifters numbering in the thousands whose job it is to keep the citizenry off-center, crawling through the maze of 'noise' the provokes short bursts of thought but not concerted efforts to derail the oppression. For even when you play by the rules outlined by the elites, you lose. When Bernie Sanders won 11.4% more votes in the Wyoming Democratic caucus "The Establishment" just openly rigged it so he ended up with just 7 delegates giving Hillary Clinton, the loser also 7 delegates.

This is a crystal clear indication of how the 'taker' society operates and the eventual outcomes that we can expect in such a Soviet Communist Party and Communist Party of China style boss dictatorship - the People loose every time. Just like in other top-heavy dictatorships, the media machine jumped into action, touting the grand system that is really this or that form that was never meant to be a democracy, so just accept your fate and be happy little obedient slaves. Nothing can equal the contradictions found in this the corporate media spin of the century. These expert 'truth slayers' are now trying to equate fairness with inefficiency and also shoving "equitable" smack deep in the glistening black turd called "Establishment" shadow government that the lobbyists have their stiffened loins crouched over. Cries for justice are now being heard over the grunts coming from the lobbyists trying to pass another gooey lump onto the fly covered pile. All of us in our collective wisdom are coming to the conclusion that it might be better just to raze the whole mess that is so blatantly stuffing those of us in the majority population, both conservative and liberal, in a bag marked "Renegade". An ear piercing howl is arising from the very bowels of the disenfranchised population forced to exist on the gruel of the status quo. We are coming to the realization that this global business kingdom will never play by any rules that they do not have a hand in subverting.

This is a warning:

"The People's Movement will not allow 'The Establishment' to disregard the will of the citizenry by tossing out the candidates who win a plurality of votes in the Republican and Democratic Party primaries. Shoving in elite handpicked super-delegate, super-bought-out, super-duper-fun-loving-puppets, or any other super annotated 1% rich mafia cardboard cutout placeholder presidential candidates that are lobbyist-snatched Droids of the 'taker' system will be met with a torrential hurricane of discontent that we will be unable to control."

Essentially, if this means holding the hands of our conservative brothers and sisters in solidarity so that we may through our combined efforts turn this monstrosity of interlinked Corporate Dictatorships into a pile of dust - so be it. This will be the "last straw that will break the camel's back". Let it be known we have the majority of the people supporting our belief system and the resources both tangible and intangible to accomplish the sacking of this autocratic 'too-rich-to-give-a-damn' travesty of justice, liberty, and all that a free loving citizenry holds dear. Whoever wins a plurality of the votes should be the U.S. presidential candidates that the Democratic and Republican parties place on the ballot in the upcoming U.S. presidential election. No delegate or any other party hack must be permitted to subvert the will of the people.

This entire capitalist society stinks to high heaven but if we can just maintain a modicum of fairness our People's Movement is willing to slog through the dung field so that we may avoid the trauma of a full-blown revolution. But do not push us into a corner for if you do we will not hesitate to escalate our fight for genuine freedom to a level that will insure all elites pay a heavy price for their enslavement of the general population. Like a baby bird we are wholly exposed to the gooeyness of the elite beast drooling greedily with fangs ready to sink into our work hardened bodies. Seemingly helpless the monster eyes us with a hunger tinged with disdain for its envisioned actions.

At least we would like to believe these lords of the elite realm have feelings. Possibly we are just fooling ourselves for they will chomp into our tasty little bodies like any other mindless carnivore. For they are sociopaths not even equipped to comprehend the basics of human decency. Therefore, we may have no choice but to overwhelm them with our sheer numbers adequately equipped to level the playing field.