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Plutocrats, Police-State, and Income Starved Economy

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Just last month the apartment management 'inspected' our 2 bedroom unit. Now in the interest of absolute invasion of privacy they find it necessary to once again open the closets, look under our beds, and pull the shower curtains back.

In a society that values nothing but how many more billions of dollars the Plutocrats can bleed from our hard work why should we believe our position in this dung heap of corruption is anything better than a burrowing maggot?

Our police-state oriented government sets the example and generally businesses follow suit. If government affords no privacy rights to the general citizenry why should businesses that have made it a point to monitor our movements and purchases feel any obligation to adhere to a higher standard?

Stagnant wages, national job creation not even keeping pace with new entrants to the labor force, rampant underemployment, and poverty leaving whole neighborhoods targets of underworld criminality - how can any coherent citizen believe we've "turned the corner on this economy."

If anything the potholes in our roads are quickly turning to craters. That is the state of our union - a place where the fruits of our labor have been siphoned off the top only to leave us with barely enough to pay the bills.

This 'income starvation' is the central reason for state and federal government budget shortfalls, department store closings, and the acceleration of business failures. Even the Federal Reserve felt it necessary to continue QE 'stimulation' of bankers 'party hardy funds' with the inevitable leakage of a few thin dimes trickling down because they understood that propping up a contrived 'economy' was better than dealing with an enraged horde seeking retribution.

Look around, assess the economy for yourself. Do you truly believe that our nation is thriving, opportunities for advancement are expanding, and our young people are finding jobs that match their abilities? Are you progressing towards or at least maintaining a middle class lifestyle? Is our society all-inclusive, vibrant, and innovative? What is your assessment?

Better do a little dusting so the black gloves of the inspectors won't find a speck of dirt. Must be ready to adhere to my masters every command or at least have them believe that this subservient serf is a docile drooling automaton. When they finally comprehend the truth we'll have ended their reign.