Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Pleasure Blue Escape

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The boat glided through the blue crystalline water pushing little foamy white wavelets passed the sides. A warm radiant sun rested gently on my exposed skin - peaceful relaxation mingled with my hectic past washing it away. Our perfect day was painted in a light blue with puffy white softly gliding clouds wedded to a mildly enticing ocean horizon. Time was ours to brew slowly to serve in a fragrant garden after an easy sigh that releases all the tight energy.

You looked simply luscious in your gleaming white bikini basking on the deck with your soft gleaming brown hair waving lazily upon the mild warm breeze. Little beads of perspiration twinkled on your lightly tanned skin beckoning for my hands. Your thoughts must have touched my wondering hungry eyes for you smiled passionately.

We were now only 5 nautical miles from the island, the journey was exciting and wickedly satisfying but the island was so close our emotions started to erupt spasmodically in a wet rhythm even before we set foot on paradise. Life was freed from its cage of predictability our leap was more than a journey but a long awaited fulfillment of joyful happiness. Leaving behind the cold hard ice of the north for the salty taste of ocean spray wafted along on pungently enticing air we rode each wave towards the island. With each wave we pushed up and down along the softly gliding path we'd chosen to explore.

Our feet made contact with a smooth saline liquid to rest in the snug moist sand that invited our presence. We brought our craft ashore to have it rest tightly between to firm palms. What a beautiful day, nothing could compare with this day of memories. Yes, this second, minute, hour would be etched clearly in our future unhappiness - our anchor of fleeting unlimited pleasure. How very difficult to live on a rock of diamond hardness unyielding to the touch or uncalculated moment - this was more happiness than we could comprehend. We must keep it alive indefinitely, never to return to our armor clad puritan robot lives.

Walking carelessly we hugged the shoreline leaving footprints in the white pure crystals that were washed away by the incoming tide as we moved on towards the waterfront bungalow. Holding hands we gently stepped upon each wooden step heading towards the door of the grass hut. Windows looked out over the blue foam peaked blue merged horizon and in either direction down the palm lined beach. Off in the distance could be seen a pair of mountain peaks with protruding crowns resting solidly against a lush earth. Located between the sun glistening peaks was a deep blue lagoon faintly visible from our distant vantage point.

In the corner at the front of the hut was a box filled with wood from which we grabbed each long piece laying it in the outside cooking pit so that we might enjoy our fish brought from the boat. We roasted it lightly, hearing its faint crackling in the burning hole. When it was delicately brown we ate greedily with each delirious bite rushing forth a burst of flavor. After dinner we laid in the open under a canopy of stars that beamed their greeting from far off in the heavens. Arms and legs resting upon each other we let the cool sweet air touch our bodies all night in our utter contentment.

Morning came with the call of gulls as a strong yellow presence emerged from its ocean depths. Such enchanting eyes met mine as we headed back down the beach toward the boat that would return us once more to civilization - or so those most esteemed truly believed.