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Perverse Capitalist Schooling Is Ruining Our Children

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An unbiased intellectual curiosity, an ability to critically analyze multiple real world inputs collectively, these are the characteristics that should be nurtured in our children. Why are we overly concerned with giving our children scattershot problems unrelated to any coherent rationally unified objective? Why are they being transformed into good docile citizen workers instead of allowing there innate creatively and individualism to blossom?

Maybe it's because the 'global economy' the euphemism concocted by the government/business melded mess termed global Corporatism is more interested in churning out billions of compliant, sniveling labor droids than insightful human beings capable of questioning - looking beyond the obvious.

The mega business machine isn't concerned with quality, it never has been, what these indoctrinated, incompetent masters of an obtrusively corrupt system of global domination want is an ever increasing supply of cheap labor inputs. That's why they've fashioned our educational systems to spit out respectful, cooperative, unquestioning, compliant, docile, easily manipulated, easily coerced, productively sloppy producers of junk that can fix the crap quickly in an avalanche of failures.

What effect is our emphasis on coddling global Corporatism having on our children's individuality, their sense of self that fount of pride in one's accomplishments?

Prior to being collectivized in a retrograde form of indoctrination, an educational process that emphasizes group thought over spontaneous individual collaboration our children are free to explore their world in play with their friends. This is a natural free-form interaction with their peers that isn't tainted by objectives originating from a Corporatist machine that only views these magically endowed 'crisp' human beings as inputs to be molded to fit neatly into their low wage grinding thrasher.

Whisked away by a school system that has a single overriding mission, to produce the most efficient, compliant labor army possible for the greedy lords of global commerce our children cease to be the naturally spontaneous, happy, creative, and insightfully fearless examples of pure humanity. They instead become driven, money oriented, regimented to obsession, obedient, respectful to a fault, and overly cooperative even when their being kicked around daily by their government, and corporate masters.

This collective business work gang mentality, promoted by our global ultra-capitalist society is maligning our children's innate creative abilities - the very ingredient that the progressive advance of humanity is dependent upon.

We teach our children to focus on solving problems, but aren't problems symptomatic of poorly envisioned outcomes, merely a reactive after the fact cleanup of a mess that may never have occurred if thoughtful proactive insightful analysis held sway? This emphasis on continually solving problems only promotes the reactive short-term focus of global Corporatism. A perverse societal system geared towards lowering labor costs, quick investment turnaround, and circumventing all impediments that temper profit growth with the ultimate objective being the enrichment of a sliver of anointed greedy elites from the unrelenting toil of the majority.

Creating, the elegant envisioning, a holistic all-encompassing perspective, an overt understanding, these aren't problems that are the offshoot of reacting but instead a proactive approach of getting from point A to point B. Imagining the unimaginable and then aspiring to design from insightful visions within an environment free from constraints, in total freedom, these are the building blocks of progress. This also is the foundation of a just, equitable, egalitarian society not mired in a quick sand of favoritism.