Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

People's Revolution Wiping Out 1% Elite Ruled Governments

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Self-serving governments steeped in corruption, lies, mega-corporate gerrymandered laws that favor an elite class of Corporatist maggots who feed off of an increasingly destitute citizenry are being sweep aside in a global people's revolution.

Citizens around the world being forced to live under the grinding black boot of labor slave nation-states whose overriding objective is to perpetuate the enrichment of well-connected global business elites are rising up against these castle dwellers. For to long we've been prodded here and there like cattle, manipulated by a corporate media propaganda machine, and disconnected from our governments by lobbyist henchmen intent upon silencing our voice in how our government is run.

No more! The Corporatist tentacles are being chopped off. We're in the process of taking back our governments. We're uprooting these toxic weeds!

Being united across an infinite expanse of freedom: ideology, religion, ethnic origin, and any other wedge deployed against us in the past by Corporatist dictators are no longer successful. We've buried all these divisive instruments of separation - we gladly hold our brothers and sisters hands seeing past the imposed blinders of our former masters. Humanities rise is in full swing, we're awakening from a forced stupor of servility to a Corporatist ruling class. We're razing their fortresses of extreme greed. Our objective of unconditional freedom is but a revolt away from being realized.

Cutting off the feeding tubes of this Corporatist octopus in the most entrenched superpower is also well under way. It's a monstrous life-sucking fiend that pumps favors and money to a bloated privileged class that eats lobster while we're forced to scrape by hording grocery coupons.

Scratching out the very existence of these abominations of government whose only objective is to serve the interests of glutinous super financial institutions and other multi-national corporations of global Corporatism should be our primary goal. We must clean the slate before we can begin anew, before real freedom can spread its wings on a clean breeze.

Align yourselves with those whose mission is the extermination of an evil system of world domination. There will be time to address our uniqueness once the monster has been eradicated. But unless we come together now in this common purpose we will only sink deeper into poverty and hopelessness. Now is our moment in history to rise up for freedom. It's time to let our dignity shine.