Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

A People's Revolution for Every CorpGov Puppet State

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Our People's Revolution is shoveling the tyrannical progeny of an evil underworld back home; the glowing pit awaits their return. These filthy parasitic beasts that have drained the wealth from entire countries, servants of a grotesque multi-national corporate/government abomination are facing an uprising of angry slaves. We're severing the tentacles of this elitist cabal of slave masters. Fear no longer reigns, action prevails, the fight for freedom across the globe against this nexus of malevolence continues unabated.

Dignity, an onrush of self-determination these are the central drivers of this genuine revolution. We're liberating our chained spirits, resurrecting our buried passions, instilling respect across the disenfranchised, extending open hands to all brothers and sisters regardless of their religion, political views, or any other expression of their uniqueness.

But responding to the debauchery of these organized cannibals of decency requires a custom tailored approach. Our revolutionary reaction should be tuned to the level of governmental corruption, and mega corporate lobbyist treachery that has been stuffed down our throats.

The scale of Mega-business/government duplicity, human rights violations, and corporate socialism induced corruption are generally known. Most subjects of a CorpGov nation-state puppet fully comprehend just how oppressive their government is, even if they don't want to admit it. Therefore, it is incumbent upon the citizens of a country to fine-tune their response to their particular environment.

In a few cases it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that living conditions are so deplorable, the government is crawling with multi-national influence peddlers, free speech is squashed, and the system so utterly broken that pure blood & guts revolution is the only way to brake free. These types of Corporatist nests are just so diabolical that the people must fight to eradicate the vermin infesting their land. The master leaches that control these hellholes ride the backs of citizens from birth to death. Expert slave masters drain the wealth leaving only crumbs for their subjects. Always elated when they can whip their subjects into bloody submission, never frowning on the most obscene tortures imaginable, ordering the killing of citizen subjects in a reign of terror that covers decades it is only fitting that these monsters be vaporized to ash. Horrible conditions such, as these demand retribution; no mercy should be shown to Sociopath evil deviant despots.

Operating at the behest of a tyrannical economic cabal of all-powerful elite manipulators the autocrat will persecute, rape, and murder just for pleasure; they have no moral compass. Offshoots of pure wickedness these dictators & gangland style nation-states seldom yield their power peacefully. Only a fearless determined citizenry willing to risk their lives in a fight to the death can topple these megalomaniac regimes.

Fortunately, there are other countries that don't require such extreme measures. Ripe for non-violent revolution are nations that still have the remnants of a democratic system. An onrush of disenfranchised citizens casting ballots to legally remove special interest-snatched legislators is a more sensible approach in a functioning democracy that still enshrines freedom of speech and other basic human rights. Constitutional laws may be distorted beyond recognition, ignored outright, and manipulated by special interest proxy but still maintain legal guarantees that facilitate the removal of the entrenched lobbyist shackled mega-corporate governmental abomination eating away at the country.

Whatever the particular flavor of global Corporatism that has overrun your homeland our People's Revolution is malleable enough to rid it of the "Atlas Shrugged" favor seeking waste product clogging its governmental chambers. The only ingredient required to activate its cleansing agent is sacrifice.