Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

People's Movement Will Never Permit Our Transformation Into Good Obedient Slaves

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Blistering cold blowing across the plains, another Bush in Iowa, the silly putty like economy that keeps us underserved chickens in the productive rot sticking to the bottom, all this and more is the nonsensical riotous insanity of this mega-business fiefdom called the United States of America. With the placeholder position of President of the United States even less important today than it was in the past is it any wonder we have so much deadwood politicians drifting in from the swamps? Why would anyone want to develop petrified buttocks waiting for Congress to legislate for the people instead of their special interest banker buddies? Even if you had the best intentions, a spectacular record of achievement and were a true patriot willing to sacrifice yourself on the altar of political dirty dealings do you really believe you could accomplish anything meaningful in today’s corrosive political environment?

Maybe it is the fault of the system, the dysfunctional state of affairs that is an economy high-jacked by an elite billionaire mob? With status quo corporate socialism pumping billions of tax dollars into business megaliths that in turn regurgitate millions back into the circular sewer through their lobbyist hordes is it really possible to rejuvenate such a decomposing society? Injecting sanity into this gushing stream of sludge would be like dropping a thimbleful of alcohol on a festering gangrenous limb, you may get a few glistening bubbles rising out of the putrid slime but the dead putrefaction underneath would quickly overwhelm the scant purity. No invasion of decency will ever be able to cleanse a societal framework so chained to corporate masters as this oligarchic cultural handmaiden.

Even the railroad barons at the turn of the 20th Century never had it so good. Society was not the airtight wheel of inequity that it is today. These feudal lords of the smokestack era ruled over a general population with many more ‘malcontent’ do-gooders. They had regular slippages of the wheels of exploitation. Populous oriented legislation did occasionally come running out of the jungle like a rare white tiger startling all who still believed in fairy tales.

Modern blueblood cousins are a proactive crowd who do not wait to be shocked by quirks in their scheme of pillage. Instead of having to endure terrified moments when a few pennies mysteriously fall from their cashbox into the hands of the underclass the 21st Century elite pillager carts the dough straight off to Swiss bank vaults. These contemporary royals have also resolved to hunt white tigers to extinction. Never again will these loot hauling inbreeds be forced to endure jaw dropping terror like their marauding oligarchic descendants.

Feeling secure behind castle walls with mote drawbridges pulled up snug and all the gears of subversion grinding away the princely crowd is no longer concerned with even propping up the illusion of majority constituent rule. Where in the past they would promote a field of interesting hucksters for President only idiots and burnt leftovers are now proffered.

Why such unconcern by the controllers of society? It’s simple. We in the underclass are an afterthought, a mere fleeting sparkle of some obscure neuron. The pasty minds of our elite rulers have far better diversions than the wellbeing of their serfs. They have essential desires to fulfill, many more decadent fantasies to indulge in that require their total concentration.  Why would the masters be worried about us revolting when they keep us fighting amongst ourselves scurrying to a fro looking for any misplaced income morsels not yet devoured by our famished peers. Those of us in this underclass daily fight for this dwindling supply of allotted feed with no hope of ever accumulating enough income to better our position in life.

Far more troubling for these manipulators of society, those in the exulted class of 1% looters are the conscious derived concepts like decency, honesty, compassion, equity, and charity that must be reduced to cinder. By advancing an educational system that promotes compassionless machine-like learning instead of passion filled exploration, devaluing the human condition, and desensitizing those of us in the general population to expect brutal outcomes these feelings that form the basis of our humanity are being purged from our being. If we continue down the path that our lords of wealth envision in a few short years we will be no more than machines that they will be able to windup. We will endure any task without complaint, no longer questioning with qualitatively inquiring minds. Only the quantitative will matter. Just shells without heart and soul, the wardens of pleasure, our masters, will have created perfect automatons. Good obedient slaves.