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People's Movement – What We Stand For

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Businesses exclusively focused on making money within a capitalist economic system will prosper under a People’s Movement Earth Planetary Government (EPG). Not expending energy to subvert the democratic process these types of enterprises need not worry about whether their taxes will escalate and onerous governmental regulations increase under any governmental entity of the People’s Movement. Even the transitional temporary democratic capitalist oriented People’s Movement governments established in order to eradicate elite big-business lobbyist rule from our existing nation-states will adhere to progressive, lean, reduced tax policies aimed at stimulating business.

We believe in a fair unrestrictive capitalism with an uninhibited income distribution. This means that we will do everything in our power both during the transitional People’s Movement governments and the resulting EPG to keep income flowing to all sectors of the economy. Income will not be pumped up to the Swiss bank accounts of the ultra-rich in unlimited amounts but will stimulate demand by finally reaching the wallets of the majority of citizens.

The income bleeding by aristocrats will not ever again be allowed to destroy general demand for goods and services by denying decent salaries, wage raises, and jobs to the majority of citizens who drive consumption. We who have lived through what we’re terming the Bad Times will never forget the indignity of experiencing a severe decline in our standard of living because a minority of ultra-capitalist thieves wanted to live like kings. The corruption rigged societal contrivance designed to extract the maximum amount of income from the majority of citizens so as to enrich a 1% elite princely crowd of feudal rulers will end when our Fifth Column has pried the lobbyist leaches from our governments.

We therefore need not wait until all the world’s governments are People’s Movement countries that have ceded power to the EPG before we experience the benefits of countries where we once again have a constituent voice and decent wages paid by businesses focused on honestly making money. Gradually nation-states will morph into People’s Movement governments. Each local societal conversion will reach a critical mass, an inflection point from which there is no turning back to the elite scheme of self-enrichment.

No need to worry, there will still be those among us who get rich. The difference will be that these hardworking and ambitious citizens won’t drag the rest of us down into the gutter to support an uncontrollable greed. We will all keep more of our income. Taxation will be minimal under a People’s Movement government because we understand that commerce doesn’t thrive when both business and citizen’s income is excessively taxed. This doesn’t mean that your legislators won’t invest in the future. In order to evenly spread the benefits of a high standard-of-living across the planet with the residual positives being an elimination of wage disparities in similar occupations in different geographical locations we’ll need to bring formally neglected regions into the 21st Century.

A short-term burst of infrastructure investment in areas like Africa must take place so that we aren’t once again fighting the effects of extreme poverty in the form of an Ebola virus. This opportunistic disease would never have turned into a raging plague if modern hospitals, an expansive efficient transportation system, educated populous, and fairly prosperous society had existed in Africa. Therefore, it is imperative to ‘raise all boats’ on our blue planet so that the Three-Pillars-of-Stability working within our People’s Movement and eventual Earth Planetary Government can maintain stability and ensure sustainability across our planetary society.

So to put a stop to the critics once and for all let’s loudly proclaim here and now that the People’s Movement stands for pure liberty, democratic governance, and uncorrupted uncontrived capitalism. We are not socialists or communists. These societal systems were abject failures so we will not dredge up well-worn paths that lead nowhere.

Once again, we do need to clarify. Just because our beliefs don’t mesh with those of socialists or communists doesn’t mean we will allow a totally unfettered ultra-capitalism to prey upon the majority of citizens. There will be safeguards for labor rights. Unionism will be allowed without any preconditions. Laborers won’t be inhibited from forming or joining a union. Also, the employer will no longer have the final word regarding the performance of a former employee. Any dispute where an employee claims an employer is wrongly promoting disinformation about the employee’s prior performance will be settled by a Labor Court. This court will have the power to decide whether to gag the employer if it is determined that the employer is spreading damaging lies about the prior work performance of the employee. These and other labor laws will be litigated by this new court under Labor that is one of the Three-Pillars-Of-Stability.

Our planet’s entire society is failing miserably. Pervasive weak leadership, societal destabilization from elite manipulation, and unabated economic decline resulting from income ‘starvation’ is promoting instability that is intensifying a worldwide chaos. Couple this raging variability with the countless jurisdictional governmental entities trying to apply a variety of laws and standards on a single planet and you have the makings for anarchy. The dynamic system that is our society is so perturbed it is beyond correcting. We the people of this blue planet will therefore have to transform our society from within. Our Fifth Column, all People’s Movement followers working from inside this teetering society is the only hope for the future. The current society is beyond repair it is out-of-control. Dangerous chaos is just around the corner. We must hold tight, for the ride from this point on will be very scary. If you are fearful, remember many countless millions will help you. We are all part of a greater whole that is rescuing our planet from a destructive societal insanity.