Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

People's Movement Unites World's Citizens in Rational Purple Space

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Societal effervescence depends upon understanding a fundamental concept. Intertwined into the interpersonal substrate of sentient beings are distinct activities like economic relations that are discrete segments of a social interplay typically associated with a vigorous community. Fundamentally erroneous is the presumption that the economic socio-system can be distorted into a sacrosanct abstraction manipulated to the exclusive benefit of 1% of a planet’s population. Such an essential component of a world’s interrelations is never separate and distinct from the dynamics of the societal configuration. No socio-system is ever uniquely immune to social transitions that flow across the entire cultural network. Generally speaking, inclusive economies that do not try to segregate majority populations onto islands of economic stagnation thrive. The mangled cultural abominations that disrupt the cohesive character of social interrelations too enforce contrivances geared towards the income ‘strip-mining’ of a majority underclass ultimately fail. These monstrosities end in anarchy.

Our People’s Movement is centered on the empowerment of the majority. By uniting all the disparate communities of this blue planet into a single purple groundswell we are shifting the isolation from the 99% to the mega-rich. These pirates, raiders of an equitable and sustainable future are now being placed on the defensive. They are unable to destroy our unified front by splintering us along ethnic, nation-state, and religious boundaries.  We have effectively refocused the money-changers calculus of division. Forced to substantiate their irrational sociopathic tendencies the elite cartel is slowly being defanged. Theories that are simply unsupportable fallacies are rippling across the untethered underpinnings of this feudal compound. With their powerbase eroding at an exponential rate, a function of the very information channels that they encouraged, we are, with our sheer numbers and corresponding communication saturation driving these privileged princes into an indefensible position.

No more capable of stemming the awakening of the world’s general population to the shame that is Economic Apartheid than the minority rulers in South Africa were able to stem the eventual tide of discontent among their subjugated subjects the ultra-capitalist aristocracy has now reached their own point of no return. By fusing our disjointed backgrounds into the purple clarity of purpose that is the People’s Movement we present an overwhelming force that cannot be toppled. A reality based template for a unified planet propelled forward by countless citizens can no longer be corralled into quarrelling ghettos. We will not allow the caprice of a well-connected few to guide us into oblivion.

Rest assured these corrupt income vampires will ultimately acquiesce to our demands. They will commence negotiations, gradually transform inequitable elements of their realm, or the cohesiveness essential to societal intercourse will continue to erode. No middle ground exists. We will not remain the supplicants of this pack of legally sanctioned thieves. The billionaire’s cartel that soaks us in an acid-wash of injustice leaving our tattered souls to succumb to perpetual inequality will be razed. No remnant of this lobbyist, favor driven, utterly corrupt society will remain after our billions of disenfranchised have scoured the surface clean.

History has warned many generations of the dangers of an unchecked avarice. Will future generations heed this warning or once again fall victim to the supernatural, discarding logic in favor of myopic hedonistic gospel? To again become prisoner to an illusion rooted in subjugation would be a terrible outcome. Hopefully, wisdom is so prevalent that when the sociopaths want to collude in a kingdom, fiefdom, feudal manor, or global labor camp our ancestors reject their mystic ranting’s. Fully comprehending that logic rests squarely on rational underpinnings unsupported by ethereal nonsense.