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People's Movement Unique Identifier

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Purple is in short supply. Just trying to find a shirt, tie, or any other garment of clothing in our movement's color is a challenge. What is truly amazing is how many global citizens are wearing purple proudly. Recently, a U.S. television network newscaster was wearing a purple tie, shirt, and something that caught my attention - what looked like a plastic purple wristband. What came to my mind were the plastic colored wristband's that I've seen other citizens wearing.

Having this aversion to ordering anything online for a multitude of security reasons I did a few more Google searches to see if these colored wristbands are available in any brink-and-mortar stores but came up with nothing. May have to break my rule of using the web for purchases because it seems these colored wristbands would solve our movement's problem of unique identification - no more need to scour every retail outlet for purple clothing - that would be wonderful! Of course, this is just an idea so please don't stop wearing purple clothing. Also, if you're a real lover of the color purple like the aforementioned newscaster this is the best expression of solidarity that could ever be imagined.

Why all this mental effort being expended upon a mere organizational unique identifier? My humble response is simply that it is typical for those sharing the trials and tribulations of pushing aside an unjust society to unify behind an organizational identifier. This aids in generating solidarity with a common cause.

Other organizations have effectively used ribbons, armbands, badges, and an assortment of other paraphernalia to assist in identifying supporters or members but this may be too in your face an approach that may endanger our fellow followers. That is why the simple wearing of the color – purple seemed ideal. But not being able to express support for our movement on a daily basis just because like in my case there are only at most three shirts in my dresser drawer that are purple is unacceptable. These purple wristbands would solve this problem if we could all start regularly wearing these with or without any other articles of purple clothing. Granted it will take time to receive these purple wristbands in the mail if they are only available through an online retailer but if this is meant to be we should start seeing these simple accouterments to our daily wardrobe being worn in a few weeks.

Since this isn't a very inspiring topic it sure seems like it is taking weeks to write but it is important from the standpoint of better unifying a worldwide almost billion plus citizen movement. Really didn't sit down to write an entire essay on the virtues of finding an inexpensive easily obtained readily worn People's Movement identifying purple article of clothing.

Now that I'm rolling on this topic it sure is amazing the explosion of purple coming from every corner of our troubled society. It seems this is the color of choice for marketers and many others who may have only chosen this color to identify with the general population just in order to sell more of their wares. That's fine but putting on a unique identifying article of clothing like this purple colored wristband would better commit citizens to the virtues of our movement instead of a casual identification. This is very important from the standpoint of connecting with our fellow People's Movement followers - most mistakes could be avoided.

Wow, not much more to this than unifying all of us behind a common system of beliefs and a unique way to identify our like-minded citizens. Pretty mundane stuff but its neglect of details like this that have been the downfall of many an organization.

Promise to get back to more interesting topics in the next article. Thank you for bearing with me on this - obviously if this purple wristband idea doesn't work for you this being an organically derived movement no one is going to fault you for not wearing a wristband. Maybe, someone has a better idea. If this is to be our movement's unique identifier it will naturally flow across our movement - if not, some other identifier will be seen. That's the beauty of using dynamic systems theory to energize this society; it empowers all of us in the general population to build something grand instead of being pushed into a societal construct cobbled together by a greedy gang of elite controllers.

Ours is a transformative approach, a reconstitution of a barely functioning society. It is analogous to changing the tires on an automobile while it is rolling. We are metamorphosing an elite taker societal construct by infusing it with billions of People's Movement Fifth Column followers. It is our combined individual actions that are destabilizing, debunking, discrediting - our gradual expunging of elite darkness devoid of color and life exchanging it for a lively vivid purple that is inspiring others and empowering our aspirations for a united and rational humanity. That is our destiny - a liberty not contingent upon shackling ourselves to a society we don't directly control. Instead, we all have an active hand in shaping our future.