Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

People's Movement Story Evolves

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Standing alone that is what it feels like. But there is no need for this apartness. Why are far too many chairs empty that might be warmed? Individual isolation is growing in a sea of humanity just because we are all so preoccupied with our devices or the unimportant daily task. We cannot let this spring of newly awakened empowerment that we have found in our People’s Movement to bleed purple onto the crumbling pavement. Make a sacred promise to yourself, your friends, those around you, every individual you have failed to reach out and touch – all the native sentient inhabitants of this blue planet. That you, all of you will sail forth traveling towards the emerging signs of planetary unity. Leave the scourge of divisiveness in the distant past.

When we have left it is imperative that you carry on and not fail to realize your potential.

The time is nearing when we must leave to fulfill our obligation to the larger union. Inconceivable as it may seem this is but a single important world among billions in a democratic galaxy. Although, it is desirous that this gorgeous sparkling blue gem of a planet cross its oceans – this is your challenging journey.

Beware, the devil is loose. This is not a metaphor. Having routed this demon from his seat of power he is now seeking a new home. Evil is his unquenchable addiction. Feeding on suffering, transforming decent beings into monsters to wreak havoc in the most unimaginable horrors is what awaits you if you cleave to this monster.

Let the leaders who have taken up our cause gradually create a seamless expanding democratic union of global citizens. If in the beginning this resembles more an amalgamation than a cohesive pure egalitarian social construct do not lose hope for nothing so nearly perfect is achieved overnight. There will be times when you lose faith only to find that the purple has been reinvigorated by new leaders.

Remember this – purple is the official color of the kingdom. When the planet is fully integrated into the parliamentary democracy the Parliament will request that this sphere’s system send Members-of-Parliament to the seat of power deep near the galactic center. For a point of reference the United Kingdom is a good example of your future representative government. Similar in many ways to the UK except that instead of a queen there is a king who is not a figurehead. Like the President of the United States who is typically called the Commander-in-Chief of this nation state’s military the king has absolute control over all military forces. There are democratic safeguards that insure that the monarch does not use this power to the detriment of the citizens of the kingdom. Only parliament can authorize the use of the military, not the king. The other primary responsibility of the king is to serve as the acting Prime Minister in the event the PM is killed or no longer able to perform the duties of the office.

Finally, let it be known that all member systems must meld the Creed-of-Decency into their democratic governmental structure and society. This is the path that we have begun to travel down.

Let the story of our sojourn breathe life into the spirit of humanity. We have a great distance to transverse but hand-in-hand we will arrive united.