Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

People's Movement Revolution Unites Citizens across the Entire Ideological Spectrum

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Across the entire ideological spectrum citizens are revolting against global absolutist Corporatism, its legion of lobbyists, and every bought-and-paid for legislative stoolie. In the United States our People's Movement revolution is in full-swing. Many of our Fifth Column Republican legislators are demanding that in the House of Representatives the dictatorial powers of the Speaker of the House be stripped away making it feasible for bills to get passed the Rules Committee. These brave legislators are tired of proposing legislation that their constituents are requesting only to have these bills never be considered by the Speaker and within the House Rules Committee because a gang of big-business lobbyists have locked-down the legislative process. Even in the U.S. Presidential race 1% elitists like Ben Carson are distancing themselves from this kingpins' take-all society that leaves the general population penniless and voiceless. It is gradually becoming evident at least among the more open-minded hardcore capitalist proponents that the current society that milks the majority so that a tiny minority live like kings and queens is nothing more than a reincarnation of failed feudalism. From the right, through the middle, and out to the far left the People's Movement is marginalizing the Corporatist income thieves, forcing them back into the pit from whence they crawled.

Fusing all the various disparate political and societal philosophies into a single cohesive constituent base of the general citizenry represented through what we term the People's Movement is the driving force that is transforming this global corporate dictatorship into a genuine democracy. This will not be the illusory false democracy of big-business that demands our total allegiance when at work but a pervasive unbroken democratic framework that integrates every planetary citizen in dusk to dawn liberty.

Never continuously involved in a full-fledged democratic process but instead only disconnected abstractions in shame democracies requires that we orient ourselves with our lost community spirit, political awareness, traits not required of labor-slaves. Our newly formed society will only progress through our daily votes in work councils, community councils, and various other democratic entities. All of us will know the true meaning of the democratic process because we will experience it in an unbroken wave of 'purple' freedom that will eventually engulf a war torn and pain-filled world crying out for release from tyranny in its many forms.

Awash in a gushing stream of independence the prevalent emotion will be happiness not the dejected far-off tired and doomed look of the slave that is currently painted across most of our brothers and sisters faces. We will become an expectant global citizenry no longer fearing hundred percent increases in insurance premiums or some other mega-business pillage but passionately excited at the pulsing rhythms of progressive substantive changes dramatically transforming our lives for the better. All around us will be projects that we will be instrumental in authorizing. Maglev-trains traveling 350 plus MPH elevated above the medians of every interstate highway, the colonization of Mars, a solar energy industry providing hardware to the vast U.S. western solar collectors powering the fast train network, 4-year college degree programs for our children, the new educational norm replacing a high school diploma, universal healthcare, and a plethora of bottom-up community grassroots organizations once again allowing us to bond with our fellow human beings. All of these and other yet imagined advancements will be made possible in the first planetary civilization to grace this fractured planet.

Even prior to the longer term goal of unifying each and every person on this sphere we will experience significant improvements in our quality of life. On the left of the political spectrum of our People's Movement the U.S. Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is proposing many of the aforementioned dramatic improvements that will propel us at lightning speed out of this 'taker' pirate camp into an illustrious future lit by happiness. Granted there will be some give and take in an ideologically diverse community like our People's Movement or for that matter in any genuine democracy but once we free up all the income that has been siphoned from businesses into 1% elite coffers - all these trillions of dollars of surplus that never reached our empty wallets, there will be plenty of money to build the civilization of our dreams.

The first legislators to be genuinely bound to their constituents - whatever they propose through our daily interactions with them rest assured it will only benefit us and not some filthy rich gang of sociopaths bent upon enslaving us in their expanding labor gulag. By having the legal recourse to immediately recall any of our elected representatives we will no longer permit anyone to believe that simply because they have risen to an official elected position that they are free to forget their true constituents. Cushy high-backed directors chairs situated behind expansive desks inside equally luxurious offices and unlimited terms of service will no longer shield a backstabbing elected representative from the wrath of the electorate. Term limits will be enacted for all elected offices. This will keep lazy unproductive slugs from infesting the halls of public service. Only the intangible of a job-well-done serving your constituents will be taken away from time spent as an elected official. Erased from anyone's expectations will be the revolving door from public service into the K-Street lobbyist posse that the majority of our current 1% elite order fillers demand from their masters for years of loyal service to the Corporatist machine.

An enlightened citizenry will emerge from our People's Movement struggles with this corrosive inhuman beast called 1% elite tyranny, Corporatism, Plutocracy, Oligarchy, or whatever name you wish to affix to this decadent feudal societal progeny. This will translate into a preparedness to immediately confront any devious sociopaths wanting to create the next version of tyranny through gaping holes in the legal structure. That is why the outlawing of all influence peddling of elected officials should be the first undertaking of any People's Movement government. Those who push the resolve of the people and engage in any form of lobbying must be severely punished with exceeding long prison sentences without any possibility of parole. The enactment of undiluted or gerrymandered legislation that results in the improvement of each constituent's quality of life, that along with the interconnected advancement of the entire society is the sole obligation of each elected officeholder.

Is it therefore accurate to say that the undisturbed duty of our elected servants will be sacrosanct? Yes, there is no higher responsibility that a citizen can ever hope to attain within a genuine democratic society. With so much resting upon the actions of so few it is imperative that the entire process be cleansed of any corruption and deviousness. All egalitarian societies whatever there derivative types must therefore be free from overt or covert influence peddling. Any corruptive deviant behaviors that are allowed to percolate through the fabric of such a society based entirely upon undistorted freedom will eventually bring about its destruction. That is why the governmental body needs to be constantly vigilant for signs of manipulation of the democratic process by those seeking to be the next masters of the human race. Therefore if we are to preserve liberty for future generations we can never let our guard down. Those desiring to be crowned kings and queens, the sociopathic deviants who will always be spawned from distorted genomes that lack any empathy are always present looking for any fissure within the societal construct that will allow them and their kin to come to power.

Our job will never be entirely complete. We must constantly be watchful for those whose only impetus is to acquire power - especially after transforming society into a vibrant bottom-up genuine democracy that empowers all to create a more beautiful cultural environment that everyone can enjoy. Those who are sociopaths despise non-hierarchically oriented societies because it provides them with so few avenues to control others. They will come together like algae clumps destined to clot the unrestricted freedom granted to every citizen. Too contain this form of evil will require early identification and treatment in fully funded mental hospitals. These dangerous sentient deviants of humanity must never again be allowed to gain a throat-hold over the entire world's population.