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People's Movement Rejects 1% Elite Puppets Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush

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Democracy whether it takes the form of a Republic like the United States or any other configuration has certain fundamental responsibilities. Central among these duties is to ensure that the government is never subverted or contorted into a sham that transfers power from the majority electorate to a cartel of self-elected rich royals. By incorporating safeguards into the election process citizens are saved from having to endure the tyranny of irrelevance. Also crucial to the continued stability of the nation-state is a constituent responsive government that invests in all its citizens not just a chosen few. Safeguarding the democracy from special interest sabotage and ensuring over the long term that citizens are provided the solid foundation necessary for their combined success are the two most essential duties of any government.

Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush the favorites of the oligarchic rulers. These political hacks that have been pulled out of cold storage for the U.S. Presidential race are perfect examples of how a political process can be short-circuited by a powerful plutocracy. Both these puppets of the oligarchy have received the bulk of their donations from special interest PACs, Wall Street barons, and other wealthy donors sunk deep into the lobbyist manipulated muck of U.S. society. A genuine democracy would never have allowed this mockery of a political process to bubble up from the subterranean depths of big money special interest politics. There would have been laws forbidding all direct donations to candidates running for office at any level of government. In a real democracy the superrich feudalists would never have been allowed to sink their talons into the political process. But in this U.S. illusion of endless unfulfilled promises – handmaiden state of corporatism, nothing is inconceivable.

Proud truthful administrations subservient to the collective will of the electorate would never bury their country under a mountain of special interest favors. Stiff penalties would forbid all lobbying of current and prospective nation-state officeholders. Political candidates across all levels of government would be required to pull a predetermined designated amount of money from a tax infused government trust fund. Based upon the office sought each candidate would receive an equal amount of campaign money. These simple protections would stop rich favor seekers from infiltrating the political or legislative process by closing these wide open backdoors that are the pathways leading to elite Coup d’état.

Until the People’s Movement can fully rid society of all the feudal minded Masters-of-the-Universe, the 1% gang of Corporatists bent upon creating a massive global gulag fueled not by income but on mountains of peasant debt issued from big banks – pending this ultimate goal – we must either work with the society we have been dealt slowly reformulating it or raze it into the dirt. Not being a big fan of in your face revolution that historically has a very spotty success rate it is my humble opinion that our current course of slow incremental change within our Fifth Column is the only viable path towards achieving real freedom in a participative majority organized democracy. After we bring the United States and a few other key nation-states back under the rule of the people, our all-inclusive umbrella called the People’s Movement will then institute the second phase of our plan, the integration of every legislative entity into a single world government.

Our voyage, the destiny that is this purple wave of the People’s Movement, all of us planetary wide who are the citizens of this beautiful blue sphere comprise a diverse multiethnic, religious, and political unity that will wrest power from the 1% rich sociopaths. We will eventually build a culture that invests in every citizen not just those best positioned to leverage their money and power to parasitically drain all the earth’s wealth and resources.

Too reach this noble end requires that we pick two U.S. Presidential candidates from the two viable parties that are not tied to the big-business 1% money machine. Rand Paul (Republican) and Bernie Sanders (Democrat) are two such suggestions. They are only suggestions of candidates that have stood firm to their principles. Based upon our current information, they are not swimming in a cesspool of special interest donations.

Both Rand and Bernie are examples of the diversity that is possible within our People’s Movement. You will probably not find more polar political opposites existing peacefully inside a single belief system. Respectfully opposing the other’s agenda and dead-set upon representing their Libertarian and Democratic-Socialist constituent bases these candidates are examples of how diversity across a broad spectrum of human experience has the power to shape new and unfathomed positive outcomes for the entire planet. Democracy that spans the globe, our People’s Movement, the bulwark protecting the rights and aspirations of the majority of citizens, this will be our triumph of what is possible when we all work together to form a more perfect blending.