Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

People's Movement Purple Tidal Wave Surges Past the Castle Ramparts

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Our purple tidal wave of change generated by every single one of us who is tired of the status quo is sweeping away inequality that is at the root of many of the problems plaguing our planet. Through the constant information surge generated by our Fifth Column, we are disseminating reality based accounts of living in a reformulated global serfdom. Our light is penetrating the thick fog of illusion. Mega-wealthy rulers who indirectly control all the levers of societal power are being muted by not hundreds, thousands, nor millions, but billions of People’s Movement voices washing away dingy lies in a cleansing truth.

A transformation that we started way back in 2007 has now taken root. No longer are the lower and middle classes on this blue planet fearful of taking a stand for economic justice. We will not be silenced by threats of losing our jobs, being demoted, or any other purposefully demeaning tactics. These actions taken against the majority of global citizens by a superrich minority seeking to maintain their positions of power at the helm of the planetary slave ship are now totally ineffectual. No longer satisfied to receive a few pennies for our daily grind haphazardly thrown down over the castle walls we are now demanding a fair share of the trillions of dollars that the lords of industry are stuffing away in Swiss bank accounts.

We have exposed the fallacy of ultra-capitalism to be nothing more than the addicted greed of a minority of gangsters, an upper-crust of sociopaths. It is not a viable economic system but instead the modern equivalent of rule by fiat. Our legions of professionals from across the spectrum of disciplines have discredited the gospel of laisse-faire capitalism preached for years by the prophets of societal enslavement. Their fallacy that the best economy is an unregulated cutthroat market has been proven to be nothing more than clever propaganda. What we now clearly understand is that this so-called global economy is nothing more than a contrived abomination. The longer it takes us before we come to our senses the more time the elite royalty will have to consolidate their power and wealth into ever more collusive oligarchic industry monsters.

We are now beginning to see some chinks forming in what we thought was an impenetrable armor. Even with their army of lobbyists the elite masters have been unable to shower us in honey sweet propaganda. Their pacification efforts have recently fallen on deaf ears. With our packed stadium filled to capacity we can now drown out the cheers of the opposing team, the elite cherry pickers are now totally ineffectual at swaying attitudes. All the elite fear mongering about precipitating an apocalypse if we pay workers a living-wage we have exposed for the utter nonsense that it is – intelligentsia spin shoved down our throats by lobbyist hired hands.

To equitably distribute the wealth so that not just the yachts but also ramshackle rafts rise is the only answer to reviving our economy. Real economies require pure income fuel not contaminated by debt that dilutes future income streams. It is our continued determination to wrestle a decent return on our investment in producing the products and services that is forcing the elite establishment of takers into dropping a few more pennies into our cups. Within the past few months state legislatures in the United States have passed bills enacting state minimum wages that are higher than the federally mandated minimum. Prompted by the enveloping purple wave of truth from our movement debate surrounding the destruction of the middle class and the expanding ranks of minimum wage ‘sharecroppers’ is growing. Some employers in the United States finding that their propaganda channels are now ineffectual at pacifying the general population are relenting on the minimum-wage pay issue by raising the hourly wage of their least paid laborers ever so slightly within a $2 to $3 range. We are not fooled. These are just token gestures on the part of employers that regularly shell out billions to their coddled CEO’s and other top executives.

But change is afoot. A cool breeze of societal justice not exclusively consigned to the upper-crust barons of ultra-capitalism is starting to refresh the stale air of our hovels. There should be no mistake about how or why this transformation is taking place. Pressure in the form of public opinion at least within the confines of what remains of the democratic nation-states is compelling a few politicians, corporate leaders, and other well connected elites to loosen their purse strings.

This entrenched royalty is also beginning to appreciate the gravity of the situation. They are starting to realize that the very foundation of global society is at risk of collapsing. The elites are finally realizing that the quality-of-life for the majority must be improved even if only minimally to arrest the destabilization of the constituent parts of our civilization.

Does this mean we will wait indefinitely for the castle dwellers to come to their senses? Absolutely not, if the moneychangers take a piecemeal approach throwing us a moldy crust of bread every now and then they will only incite our anger. We will not wait indefinitely to be granted our rightful place in an all-inclusive reformulated global society. Justice will remain an unattainable wispy ideal in a world that continues to capriciously exclude the majority from the self-determination that is an unalienable right of all sentient beings. Until the day dawns when we are afforded the same opportunities as our privileged masters our purple will continue to seep into every crevice, tiny nondescript position, and appendage of human society. In the end we in the majority, the People’s Movement, will have pushed aside the usurpers so that we may reign supreme over our own destiny. A future not tangled in the weeds of corruption and favoritism awaits our arrival.