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People's Movement Purple Ocean Unites Entire 99%

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Uniting the general population - the 99% - a majority of planetary citizens across the ideological spectrum does not mean we should sacrifice ourselves on the altar of self-serving 1% elite propaganda to maintain our cohesion. With wage losses, job insecurity, deepening personal debt and all the societal stresses that are linked to our current system of billionaire pillage is it logical to further reduce the taxes of the wealthy? Who do you think will make up the shortfall in basic government spending if taxes are lowered once more on the castle-dwellers?

Place any bet you can rustle up with your favorite bookie but be prepared to loose big time. Those CEO, Board of Directors, major investors, and bankster vultures that have already bled us dry will take you to the cleaners with a stopover to ring you dry of all your cash. That's right those who control this Ponzi capitalist society will instruct their lobbyists who already write all government legislation to do what they have done in the past - increase taxes on the bottom-scrapers - all of us who work harder and harder for less and less. Those sociopaths, the enlightened freeloaders in the upper echelon of this criminal planet called Capitalism will make up any shortfall in government tax revenue by taxing the hell out of the serfs - that is all of us who have lost control over our governments. The 'taker' gospel of the ages is crystal clear: "Thou shall not reduce the obscene wealth accumulated by the elite royalty." One of the cardinal sins, an unforgivable act is to not give our lords of the realm a free hand in lowering our wages so they can steal more of the world's wealth to stash in overflowing Swiss bank accounts. This horde of gambling schemers would call you a heretic. Someone to be expelled from the Capitalist theology, for all true-believers of the Ponzi economy that rests upon a mountain of toxic assets and investments know that the 99% laboring scum are expendable - like slaves, just a wispy afterthought of their masters.

Sorry to break the news but that movie trailer where we are chained, caged, and wasted into skeletons - sure to be a hit with your big-time capitalist mob boss - is scheduled for release when the gulags have that last strand of barbed wire hooked to the fence. Work is progressing nicely. It sure is a great timesaver having those Chinese labor camps as a template.

In the interim before the tragic story of our lives is released it will not be a crime to object or protest. We have a right to exist, too prosper, and be happy, at least for now. It is not our destiny to suffer so that a tiny minority of self-anointed rulers can live like sultans. That is not an ideology founded in logic but instead a fraud perpetrated to perpetuate an unconscionable and unethical inhuman system of exploitation. All of us have a right to determine our own destiny free from the snares of propaganda camouflaged as unimpeachable fact.

We are not fodder for any ideology or any apparatus of coercion. Let us resolve never to be lumped together into an amorphous mass so enthusiastically used and abused. Financial imperialism, the international oligopoly unwavering in their determination to maintain a new feudal order called Capitalism is an authoritarianism society that is inconsistent with the liberty that we cherish. So if you desire to cleave to a channel of freedom that is pure, almost anarchistic, libertarianism that meshes well with your conservative leanings, this makes sense, but to pollute this ideal with favoritism and reverence of plutocrats is to degrade the very essence of the unobstructed self-determination you seek.

Clearly, we need to embrace and strengthen our 99% alliance between all our various ideological factions if we are to successfully fight the doublespeak, misinformation, and propaganda that pass as intellectual discourse. This noxious waste a byproduct of the warped autocratic capitalist society fixated upon aggrandizing a bandit class pollutes the stream of authenticity. Our focus should be on forming a free society.

All of us have our dragons to slay, the preconceptions, baggage that we drag along shaped from our upbringing and personal experiences. Liberals are no different. Being one of these unruffled optimist types is to believe that nothing is impossible. We sometimes infuriate our conservative brethren who always temper their hopes, dreams, and goals with a little more realism. Our struggle is not to imbue the concept of community empowerment with outrageous possibilities. Granted it may be a cure that unleashes a pent up creativity through individual empowerment but this is only possible within bottom-up and not top-down communities.

Let us all resolve to unite behind empowering the individual by building institutions that derive their influence from a majority that tirelessly labors in the bottom rungs of society. On these dirty and worn steps are found the many footprints of those who were pushed off into oblivion by a deranged upper-class oriented society that is completely devoid of humanity. After our People's Movement has washed clean in a purple ocean the lobbyist vermin, elite parasites, big-business corrupted governments, and all the vandalisms committed in the name of an economic ideology we will draw our first triumphant smile, then our next, until happiness is universal.