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People's Movement Nation-State Punishes Corporate Traitors

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How would a People's Movement government handle the onslaught of corporate tax inversions, defections, mongrel sociopath investors and executives deserting their country in order to save a buck? Burger Crud of hamburger fame, the latest dine counting degenerate company to trade-in their corporate headquarters is racing towards the Canadian border. A donut maker waits expectantly for a hug from those big greasy hands.

So how does an ethical nation-state government address the mass defection of businesses to foreign soil?

We shouldn't be surprised; these amoral organizations have a track record of destroying lives. They are nothing more than abusive bullies - a blight that destroys democracy, transforms the general population into income poor debtors, and pollutes the entire society with rampant corruption. Are we to give these malcontents free-reign to further trash an already dysfunctional society - a miserable excuse for capitalism infused into a corporate feudal order?

Many questions can be asked but at the end of the day we need to ask where we're to draw the line? How many indignities need to be heaped upon the general citizenry across this vast corporate prison before we raise our fist in the air and declare we've had enough? Don't delude yourself the mega-rich elite cabal obviously notified their lobbyist-snatched legislators in advance. They planned to abandon the United States for a cheaper corporate tax haven months before they put their plans into action.

Just like they've thrown the planetary citizenry into a locked-down labor camp swarming with paycheck leaches the nation-states are boarding the train. They'll be heading for the same camp of societal horrors. With real income in such short supply there is only one place left to look for savings. Walking skeletons already depleted of real income and milked out of the little they take home by insurance, oil, and landlord thieves are dropping like flies into destitution. The rest are sent to the debt showers. There just isn't any more income to be had other than by searching the blue ball for cheap nation-state tax havens. This is just the beginning; just like the cheap labor income sink-holes these corporate monsters have created they'll now dig craters to hold the refuse countries - the former crumbling factory shells already litter the crater's floor.

Getting back to the initial question just how should we treat corporate entities that have turned us into labor slaves, spat on all values we hold dear, used our nation-state treasuries as their own personal bank accounts, and usurped our citizen constituent power by calling up an army of lobbyists? Should we just bury our heads deep in the camp latrine praying for an early release from a criminal world?

If you haven't already joined our worldwide movement for liberty isn't it high time you did - are you waiting for the shackles to be clamped down hard? Free speech will only last so long. You should never believe for a second that our oligarchic wardens aren't scheming to silence our movement. We have already cost them dearly in lost revenue and former prestige. Those of you who have been on the sidelines better start rattling your chains. Maybe you're starting to grow a spine all you holdouts who've left the heavy lifting to your fellow inmates?

Finally, we answer the question of what an unadulterated democracy would do to unprincipled corporations that shutter their corporate headquarters scurrying like the rats that they are to infest a foreign land. All the company executives and largest investors who've deemed it preferable to declare their allegiance to a foreign land just to save some money would have their citizenship revoked. These fat cats would be free to take up residence in the countries they adore. Unfortunately, they'd be indefinitely barred from entry back into the country they abandoned.

Traitors will be traitors let them huddle at the border begging to enter - after all it was just a misunderstanding they can't help it if their habitual amoral scoundrels. Our steely eyed border guards would look them in the eye letting them know that money hadn't destroyed the honor of most citizens.

These CEO's, all the movers and shakers, Masters-of-the-Universe investors, the crude accumulating around the toilet would feel right at home living in a third-world hovel, a sixty degree below zero freezer, a less hospitable happy party hardy territory far from their family and friends.

Just to let the bejeweled devils know the citizenry truly loves them we could also boycott their products. Why should our future People's Movement government have all the fun? Vengeance is sweet even when it's belated.