Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

People’s Movement Message Surge

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Billions of messages from the heart of this ongoing economic tragedy need to rush up from the dispossessed citizenry. Post a single message on the Internet: “The mega-wealthy are killing the world economy by denying the general population adequate income. Oligarchs are enforcing policies of income pillage that drastically increase inequality.” Write this fact on a piece of paper mailing it to a friend. Send this message to all your email contacts. Tweet this dire reality. Whatever your native language, surge all communication channels with this truth.

The above message is just the first of many to promote our saturation campaign aimed at integrating more citizens into our rapidly expanding worldwide Fifth Column. Feel free to inject more singular remarks that expose the plans of the elite income pirates. Let your elected representatives who’ve been transformed into lobbyist-snatched puppets feel the wrath of your anger. Give them a taste of your scorn. No matter where they turn, on the corner street, in an innocuous email, a tweet, or a viral video that blares out the messages there will be no escaping this communication surge.

This note torrent will be a constant reminder to the big-business dynasty that we will not be ignored. Our demands will be met!

Remove the lobbyists from the halls of our governments and abolish all political parties or else we’ll overwhelm the communication networks. So many summaries will come gushing from below the entire oligarchic societal contrivance will collapse. Laser focusing upon an elite system of ingrained socio-economic inequities will heap mountains of disdain upon the feudal lords who destroy humanities future.

Building a tenable democratic foundation that we can shape a lasting freedom upon requires that our primary demands are realized. Quarantining the lobbyist scum on a remote island and disbanding all political parties are just the first of many alterations to big-money financed autocracies. The transition away from oligarchic rule to real democracy will entail additional legislative action.

Dismantling this stay rich corporate handout scheme that is our corrupt societal structure isn’t going to be accomplished overnight. It will take the efforts of many dedicated freedom fighters and newly elected lawmakers to bury this income grabbing edifice of ingrained corruption. This “Message Surge” is just one of many actions that will simultaneously destabilize the societal underpinnings.

By rocking the very columns of this planetary looter system of self-enrichment with our powerful Fifth Column we’re stressing the entire contrivance. Crumbing under the weight of its own lies it is only a matter of time before we’ll erect our own all inclusive horizon-less temple to democratic ideals.

Our reengineered majority inclusive monument to liberty with its freshly planted columns won’t require a Fifth Column. Without the burden of having to support a pack of elite income thieves that push the society to the breaking point not even four columns are required. All directions will reveal opportunity – barriers will no longer constrain the citizenry of a blue planet released from widespread elite domination.