Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

People's Movement May Day

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Rejoice, on this May Day workers around the world are crossing into the People’s Movement. More citizens are fighting for worker’s rights like a living wage, dignity, respect, and workplace representation. More important is the accelerating adoption of our core ideals. No longer focused upon piecemeal labor changes PM is now a force for bringing about sweeping societal changes.

Our efforts at rocking corrupt governments to their knees are gradually freeing our constituent liberties from the clutches of favor sucking lobbyists. Millions are marching on their cities.

They envision an expansive freedom from the tyranny of oligarchs, corrupt governments, and elite sociopaths. Our current unsustainable societal sinkhole will be a mere blemish on our timeline overflowing with a cooperative dynamism. An equitable share of income from our productive efforts will be torn from the castle dwellers. So on this May Day, rededicate yourself to a noble cause – the eradication of income starvation, and rule by decadent thieves.

With May 12th now just a few days away it is important that we show solidarity in our planetary revolt by peacefully partying like the wildest Wall Street barons – a joyful release of our tension is long overdue. This is to be a stay-at-home day to rival all others. Let the oligarchic rulers quiver with fear – our purple will have invaded their comfortable pilfering.

Maybe President Obama will join the blue planet’s May 12th celebration?

Still unsure whether this former ally has returned from the abyss? Politics being a slippery business his recent push for an increase in the minimum wage could just be a ploy to garner more votes for the Democrats in the next round of elections? But his thrust to bring attention to inequality and his support of Ukraine might soften some stone cold hearts. Granted, it is hard to forgive him for the funneling of trillions of taxpayer dollars to party hardy Bankster heathens. Trust is in short supply, but maybe he is atoning for his transgressions. This powerful friend has been missed.

Make no mistake, the People’s Movement still has many grievances against a United States that condones expansive spying – invading the privacy of many billions of decent global citizens. A tremendous amount of effort must be expended to reinvigorate the spirit of democracy in the oligarchic empire that is the United States. This effort may wring the last drop of energy from our exhausted bodies – this is to be the last, most dramatic democratic transformation – our full-circle home coming gift.

Up ahead, our next stop is clearly labeled “Freedom”.