Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

People's Movement It Is Time to Tear the Bloodsuckers from Our Trembling Bodies

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Marginalized, shutout, ejected, rejected, ignored, and reduced to having to exist without hope in militarized ghettos; that is the vomit that citizens of color must swallow. In this paradise for the filthy rich absolute control is a favor away. They dine comfortably on lobster in exclusive restaurants far removed from the debt ridden income starved communities they have created. With political stoolies safely pocketed the elite believe they are safe from the suffering they have precipitated. All the wealth these legal thieves have stolen from our hard work so that they may buy that extra island, private jet or stuff more money in an already overflowing Swiss account rips more deeply. Slashes cover the fleshy part, the exposed gangrenous society – our hell. The perpetual unwinding of a life, of many lives is the modus operandi of this society.

Is there really any way to escape the Economic Apartheid that all middle to low income citizens experience daily? Keep clicking those pictures. Spread the truth like a healing ointment.

Expose the reality of our lives.

Focus our Fifth Column of purple attention on every injustice we have been forced to endure. Let the pistol totting, stun gun electrocuting quick draws marching on the wasted shells of our cities know that we will no longer just cower like frightened animals. We are all human beings deserving of dignity. Every citizen regardless of skin color should be treated fairly.

But when the feudal wardens rise from the same rotten core that the rest of us worm our way around can we really believe transformational change is realizable? The enforcers of oligarchic piracy herd us into an ever tighter corral ready at a moment’s notice to kill the strays that dream of real freedom. That is their job, how they earn their pay. No thought is wasted on the transgressors of elite rule. Maybe corrupt societies continue to decay because all those in power adhere to the illusion that they are invincible?

With the decline of civilization comes an increased use of the stick. The juicy carrot is rarely proffered. Pain becomes the central behavioral stimulus. Suffering takes many forms. If the citizen is a stone cold stiff resting on a sliding metal slab it does not matter the many permutations of hurt inflicted upon the human being turned beast of burden.

Arbitrary sentences of death are being meted out on a whim. Justice hides in the weeds growing up from between the crumbling sidewalks. Equity evaporated long ago from the last factories to close their doors. With legions of homeless instead of factory workers should we really be surprised when it all comes crashing down. Hearts hardened when neighborhoods lost their sense of community. Now we are all strangers fighting for the elusive scrapes thrown down from the crystal palaces. Black, white, yellow, no matter our skin color we have all been thrown into the caldron to be skewered by snotty-nosed rich billionaires.

Do you really think the crystal clicking champagne class gives a rat’s ass about whether the gun brandishing enforcers treat us fairly? Just so we are out of sight – out of mind – a mere flicker on a television screen the crushing injustices will be blissfully carried out by racists and sadists. Feeling immune from the strife they have unleashed their enforcers while they lounge comfortably on plush sofas. No spark of empathy lightens this evil.

A sickness has descended, whisking away the remnants of civilization. Agony is now the essence of our cultural degeneration. Many forms of physical and psychological misery are snuffing out our passion. Droids meant to slave under the yoke of employers that is what we have become – the doorman will not let us be happy so we must shove him aside. Break down the prison walls, clear the thoroughfares of those trying to enslave us at the point of a gun.

Before another succulent slice of ribeye steak makes it to the gullet of the prince thunderous marching rumbles deep down the immaculate street. Serfs terrified of ejection like so much flotsam from a system orchestrated to steal that last penny jingling in their threadbare pockets have decided to confront a society whose sole purpose is to enrich the least productive takers – elite leaches. It is time to tear the bloodsuckers from our trembling bodies.