Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

May 12th 2014 – People’s Movement – Global Fun Day

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World party day is nearing! We all need to have some much needed fun. Grinding our wits – skinning our thin fingers to tiny nubs – we’re drawing on evaporating fantasies. Not much time remains to dream about a better life when your every waking minute is focused upon survival.

Billions are sloshing between technology oligarchs – the income/money that should have reached our pockets – the creators, visionaries, all the slaving grunts that actually wrote the software have seen their real incomes take a nose dive. Why should the business royalty believe they have a monopoly on fun?

May 12th is fast approaching. The “People’s Movement” is designating this day as “Global Fun Day”. Whatever our occupation this is to be a day that we should devote to recapturing the fleeting bliss that has been stolen from our crumbling lives. On this day a planetary work stoppage will transform the producers of the products into a force to be reckoned with – a mass of party goers.

Grab that purple splashed celebration hat, stop by the party store and pick up some festive trinkets. This will be a crazy bash that will have all the Swiss account, island collecting, private plane flying crowd trembling. All the formally obedient bottom-scrapers will be proclaiming a rejection of tyranny.

Important news flash…

Remember to proudly display the purple. Let the music play! Lead your friends to the dance floor. Experience for a day what the oligarchs enjoy regularly. Steal from them what they’ve stolen from us even if it is only for a single day. Rest assured their complacency will be shattered.

Our success will be easily gauged. Just watch the reaction from the corporate media outlets.

Maybe there won’t be any operational media outlets? Now that would send a shiver up the rubbery spines of the lobbyists and all the other parasites.

Our objective is to have fun! Recapture what it means to be human. Cast off your toiling soulless machine self. Freedom is a state of mind, so let’s rip it from the leaches.