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People’s Movement - Elect a Hero

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Most citizens won’t be voting in general elections given that years of replacing bought out politicians with new blood from a plethora of parties hasn’t changed anything. It’s not that participation in the democratic process isn’t important but shuffling the chairs on the Titanic doesn’t bring back constituent rights so why bother. When you’re forced to select from a slate of brain-dead zombies who are nothing more than vote casters for the power mafia even party affiliation is meaningless.

Should we quietly accept an oligarchy buried under layers of corruption? Bet you can’t wait to stand in line at the polling station like a good little Droid? Worse yet, is the prospect of picking from a list of candidates who’ve already attached the suckers of their favorite parasitic lobbyists sending chills up your spine? Don’t be so unsympathetic it can’t be easy dragging around a feeding tube dug deep into your back that connects to a multi-tentacle horde of lobbyists. Besides, all those millions spent to get elected have to be paid off in favors. K-Street is desperate to get their master CEO elitists’ demands met. We really wouldn’t want to disrupt the flow of favors heaving from the stoolie government minions to their degenerate elite princes. Just look the other way if your stomach is a tad queasy this is definitely not a PG rated flick.

Does it really matter who we elect? Once in office it is a forgone conclusion a transformation will result. Your favorite candidate will shift-change from an inspiring leader into a puffer fish that vigorously laps up lobbyist goodies. Like all well behaved mega-business automatons the drool rags will be toted along so that the power mongers who control the world won’t be sullied by their narcissistic creations.

Why don’t we try a change of pace? Instead of meekly acquiescing to the perpetual election churn that insures candidates will be picked from all the washed out big-business political clubs let’s throw a wrench into the finely tuned sham. When it’s your turn to step behind the curtain to cast your vote don’t grit your teeth in agony choosing another vanilla candidate already promised to mega-billionaire donors. Instead, let your purple shine through by freely writing in someone who is your personal hero. Why settle for the wooden contenders fielded by the ruling elites?

So instead of the People’s Movement playing into the hands of wholly corrupt systems that are cloaked in the threadbare rags of former democracies we should find ways to circumvent the rigged election process. For if we resolve to once again try to isolate a real human being from the inanimate slugs we’ll be sorely disappointed. Yet another mass produced Troll doll, amoeba, or puffer fish will rock in their chair glassy eyed with drool rag strategically placed below the bulging smackers that move to form incoherent words.