Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

People of the World Fight Corporate Monster

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Fight the totalitarian capitalist monster that is ready to crush the people of the world under its corporate elite black boot. This is a defining moment in the emancipation of all the enslaved citizens of a world dominated by political henchmen doing the biding of their corporate masters.

In Greece, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Spain, and across the whole globe in this benighted labor gulag the workers, the poor, the middle class, the down trodden who’ve been sucked dry by taxes and forced to exist on tiny wages, and the dispossessed that are unable to find a wage slave position are rising their heads up high – Enough!

We will fight to take back our government’s from these thieves!

Yes, our time has arrived we will no longer be ruled by vested corporate global interests who line their pockets with wades of cash stolen from our government treasuries, and from the sweat of our brows.

The time for talk has pasted.

The time for action has arrived.

We’ve reached the breaking point in a global system that uses the laborer like cattle to build castles for their elite cabal – lobbyists, bought-out government hacks, anointed intelligentsia, crap shooting investors, CEO’s, executive clan, and all the other elite parasites that feed off of our hard work.

Our world will be ruled by the people not the chosen few castle dwellers.