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We Need a 21st Century People-First Society

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Most of the problems afflicting our world can be attributed to the societal anachronism that owes its origins to 'shape-shifting' feudalism that has dominated human culture for hundreds of years. Our destabilized lord-to-serf command society is in conflict with the free flowing interconnected socially networked real democracy of the 21st Century. It is this cultural schism between the absolutely free form community oriented Internet world and the establishment's hierarchically siloed master-to-slave 1% top-heavy system of privilege that is the source of the tsunami of discontent surging up from the exploited general population. How can the everyday global citizen come to terms with a "me-first" confrontational corporate autocracy that demands absolute obedience and conformity to its anti-democratic precepts when a click away is an ethereal world of planetary fellows across many communities networked in what for the most part is a free-form 21st Century realm of ideas and liberty.

Essentially, the power-brokers, those robber barons in elite circles of investment, big-business corporate executive suites, lobbyists, politicians, and generally anyone who benefits from this 20th Century dinosaur of establishment conformity to the dictates of the supremely powerful having been trying unsuccessfully since the dawn of the Internet age to shove their feudal societal holdout down our throats. Generally speaking, the world has moved light-years from this castle concocted form of feudal power maintenance that carries with it the baggage of all its outdated economic, political, governmental, media, moral, and other facets. This is where the conflict both from a psychological and societal standpoint lies - an incongruence that is irreconcilable by human beings who must at a minimum be able to believe that the world they live on is founded in a modicum of logic - that things make some sense.

What happens when the majority of people must move daily between these entirely different 'worlds'? We navigate across the anti-democratic world of work with its dictatorial military like follow orders or get terminated mindset. Outside work we exist in a semi-autonomous but still highly structured hierarchical establishment focused culture with some liberties. Online we surf around in a free-form social-networked community-first 21st Century flat power oriented collective. Isn't it possible that the human psyche may start to breakdown in individuals, with some so disturbed by this discontinuity that they go off the proverbial "deep end"? How do we reconcile all these contradictory lives that we are now forced to live?

Maybe it is time to tell our masters in the ruling superclass to take a hike that we do not want this latest feudal oriented societal incarnation - an abomination ill-suited for the 21st Century of ideas. Tweaked like all the rest of the 1% feudal derivations for major shifts in general population perspectives. We recognized it for what it is - a sham to keep the 1% in power and flush with pilfered loot? Why should we be forced to drive ourselves crazy trying to reconcile all these contradictory life experiences? We must tell our masters we are finished with conforming to their societal expectations that are constantly in conflict with the natural order of the world and our first taste of democracy on the Internet.

Dump this 20th Century cave dwellers society where the sociopath with the biggest club rules over the clan with impunity and replace this gerrymandered top-heavy idiocy with a 21st Century egalitarian community-oriented democracy situated within a cooperative power-structure where liberty is guaranteed in real-time social-networks interlinked across the planet. Self-determination should not just be a buzzword but something all of us expect without reservation from any new society we envision. There is no reason why workers who are now nothing more than labor-slaves cannot control and own their companies outright - just toss out all those who leach off of the creations and output of laborers.

Our entire society needs to be reworked and oriented to the 21st Century of ideas and instantaneous communication that does not require approval from up-high or the internalization of establishment norms before positive change is instituted. We must be able to collectively move rapidly into and out of norms that never constrain our creatively and ability to change.

Our 1% masters may say they like change but it is status quo stasis that keeps them in power. Change is anathema to their ability to keep everyone in line and extract from their contrived societal system the maximum income in the form of profit in an unsustainable system of economic strip-mining.

That's right, the 1% are miners, and they will continue to extract resources until all that remains of our once beautiful planet are barren wastelands stretching endlessly in all directions. They have no concern for the destruction caused by their self-centered ethos.

Their actions are morally reprehensible but worse still is the degenerate antisocial master-to-slave societal framework with all its associated anti-democratic facets that is destroying the fabric of human connectivity and the bond we once shared with one another. The sociopaths ruling our society have created individuals in their likeness - many replicas that are unconcerned for others and the planet they are destroying because of their rapacious consumerism.

Most are in agreement that if we are to survive - stop the environmental destruction, psychological and ethical degeneration, and general decline of humanity that is regressing slowing into chaos we must rid ourselves of this bygone feudal societal construct imposed upon us by money and power hungry pirates. But what will be the tenets of our new 21st century society? How will it be different from the rehashed feudal reworks generated by the ruling class?

First and foremost, our new People First society should mirror the 21st Century communities of our social-networked barrier free collaborative environments that allow everyone to contribute. Toss out the cave dwellers club-in-hand 20th Century feudal societal makeover that is inherently confrontational, siloed, and built upon many barriers to entry and exit. Our new civilization should mesh well with our multi-dimensional lives - a culture that does not constrain creativity through external and internal establishment norms but one that embraces diversity in all its varied shapes and forms. Once we build this border-less society of equals valuing respect for everyone's contribution we will have mastered the ability to understand our interconnectedness to our planet and each other and be inherently able to grasp the importance of community in everything that we endeavor to do as a planet.

Simply casting aside all the negative demons of this current 20th Century cultural feudal relic will allow all of us to concentrate not on how we can advance up a hierarchical chain of command and become ego-centric power freaks but on how we can collectively work together to create a sustainable economy on a planet that spreads quality-of-life benefits far and wide. We will be freed of the need to perform like circus animals for managers - always adhering to 1% establishment norms - never wanting to break outside the box for fear of retribution or worse yet termination from our job. Ideas will sprout up like flowers on the first day of spring. Humanity will experience a new renaissance more profound than any other - an awakening to the harnessing of billions of minds all attuned to the importance of community and the maintenance of our planet's health on this vast interconnected sphere that is our home.