Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Passion Seekers V85

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The V85 has already been deployed. Slicing through time we are now able to look many years into the future. Standing around the fifty inch flat screen are the members of the crack Enlightenment Team. In a quest to locate intelligent life not contaminated by the Right Thoughts government/business crew these counter culture desperados had to get a glimpse – just a few years out will do. These free thinkers need some conformation that their efforts were not wasted.

Satisfaction was now reaching a fully swollen ecstasy. Not a moment to fritter away. It was now hard for the joyous yet raucous team of idea savants to concentrate. The trailer out back was now rocking from a rhythmic thrusting. Inhibitions snuffed out long ago when an urge came over consenting adults they would find a secluded space in this case the project trailer was a fine respite from all that mind-numbing work. Passions were wild with lust riding the wave of extreme pleasure.

Outside all the normal Work Crawlers moved to a less enjoyable pulse that was similarly steady but stale. Daily regimented adherents to the dishonest business gospel that required all good laborers to forgo all activities no matter how instinctual. Mind-washing at an early age indoctrinated all the young to be good employees. Obviously, to be a faithful servant of the Profit Masters you must supplant all unproductive activities because this took precious seconds away from meeting your productivity goals. To not meet a productivity goal was tantamount to treason if buried in the grid.

Off grid Passion Seekers like these tight but well lubricated V85 engineers were determined to bypass the society controlled by the elite Profit Masters. Knowing full well that they would never experience the internal satisfaction of serving the royal deadwood they were nevertheless thriving on indescribable bliss. They had learned long ago to suppress all those negative feelings flooding across the malignant societal membrane. Doing the frowned upon natural fun-loving things sometimes on the spur of a moment was exceedingly more thrilling than riding a packed cattle car every day to jobs that had absolutely no tangible rewards other than a perpetually fixed salary. Granted the stone-dead robots that strode to the tram could buy more questionably nutritious food cubes. Were those processed chemical inspired black blocks really better than real vegetables and meat that were available from those Seekers that had elected to become farmers?

Paramount to the Seekers way of life was a form of capitalism that was self-directed. Without middle layer management that tended to inhibit creativity and also productivity by suffocating risk-takers a Seeker could explore many investigative paths when building, creating, assembling, or performing a service. They were their own boss. Oddly enough, this type of arrangement had resulted in magnificent inventions and quality that made Seeker products renowned the world over.

We’ll join our Enlightenment Team next time we meet to see what their V85 flashes. Time for a slumber break…