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Overt Revolution May Be Necessary

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More of the same will prevail unless we bury the stinking rot in the backyard with the other failed societal systems. There is no salvaging the economic, political, and governmental mess of this new age feudalism. Political parties with procedures and lobbyist interconnections entwined into "The Establishment" now make it impossible for U.S. citizens to nominate anyone not approved by "The Establishment". Suffice to say they have their ways of preserving the 1% big-business dynasty. If Bernie Sanders is popularly nominated at the polls by People's Movement supporters and even some yet identified Republican "Non-Establishment" candidate there are 1% surreptitious tactics that can be used to squelch the people's will. If a truly revolutionary candidate willing to take on the special interests head-on makes it past all the snares deployed to destroy their candidacy how will any single individual, even a U.S. President tear down the big-business machine state? Globally, the entire societal edifice is so mired in corruption that to truly empower the citizens, give them back their constituent voices and remove the lobbyist interlopers requires completely dismantling the network of privilege built up over more than 150 years.

So the challenge facing our People's Movement is how swiftly we can adapt ourselves to overt external revolution if the internal societal transformation fails. Always aware that the transnational billionaire dictatorship is interwoven into the very fabric of this capitalist society it has now just come to light that the elite rulers have also planted booby-traps that will kill any attempts by the general citizenry to take back power. What this means is that when the banksters and gambling addicted moneygrubbers snuff our lawful efforts at reconstituting our legitimate rights we must be ready to spin on a dime to become an underground revolutionary organization. The entire bottom-up nebulous firmament that is our People's Movement must then be organized for a longer more focused struggle.

There is no turning back at this late juncture. Our worldwide revolt against the upper-crust sociopaths who keep lowering our effective real wages so they can drain more income from the economy does not end simply because we can no longer work within an ever more legally constrained degenerate society. Eradicating the perpetual privilege of a billionaire aristocratic class institutionalized in an insular royalty is still our primary task. The gradual enslavement of more 99% citizens, the accompanying yearly real-wage rollbacks and ever declining benefits all touted by "The Establishment" as proof of a jobs driven economic recovery only generates more hatred of this global society of upper-class piracy. No matter what our personal setbacks: character assassination, job blackballing, legal wrongs, impoverishment, and even imprisonment we must topple this insidious big-business dictatorship if we are to save future generations from overt slavery and the death pangs of an environmentally trashed planet.

The entire "Establishment" machine is now fully engaged in taking down our People's Movement by whatever means necessary, even if it means blatantly disregarding the will of the people. Those within the media who are aligned with our People's Movement are under ever increasing pressure to promote the 'taker' society line. Breaks in the suffocating propaganda, the sticky sweet honey, that "all is well, just be happy" pacification salve, are becoming rarer with each passing week. All the CEO and executive slave masters have tightened up the screws on their pyramid work gangs. They are now much quicker to spot any news, essay, blog post, or other media piece that deviates from the capitalist gospel. When found their manger henchmen delete it or rewrite it to conform to top brass approved Orwellian doublespeak. Therefore, do not believe a word of what you hear or read in the "Establishment" media. Dig into the underlying facts that are typically never publicized especially if they reflect badly upon the 'taker' regime. After you have verified a few shady figures or glowing economic reports it will become apparent that fabrications or misstatements of reality by the "The Establishment" mouthpieces are commonplace.

The mythical economic system, more aptly classified as a grand con game is rift with potential calamitous outcomes. Income starved, debt saturated, and gamed beyond sanity the 'economy' is a sociopath's and addicted gamblers dream come true. By playing the financial markets riddled with layers of vaporware and fantasy driven mathematics casino capitalists can satiate their need to accumulate even if all they drag to their castles is illusory gains. A real economy within a modern civilization reaches full employment by equitably charging the economic substrate with adequate income streams that have not been leached away. Replacing drained income streams with easy credit offered up by banksters who have access to the pilfered income streams played on the financial markets is not only morally repugnant it is a recipe for disaster. Unrest and revolution are the outcomes of not providing gainful, meaningful, productive, adequately compensated employment. In a society gamed to enrich a sliver of the population the combined product and service output declines. The best case scenario is yearly stagnation only achieved through central bank stimulation of the credit markets - infusing more easy credit transformed into personal debt accumulations that become unserviceable.

Our responsibility is to future generations, to save them from a bloodthirsty system of banditry that will thoughtlessly destroy our planet and billions of human beings just so a few well-placed aristocrats can ruinously devour all that they survey. We will create a rational civilization.