Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

This is Our Time, Our History, and Our Destiny

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Stop acting like cowed peasants respectfully looking up at the king on the royal balcony. In order to affect major societal change - the dumping of an oppressive 1% Corporate Dictatorship that flagrantly disregards the most basic of human rights the majority of us need to engender the mindset of a totally free warrior. Many will question the necessity of becoming a warrior; someone who does not take what is shoved down their throat by self-anointed sociopath 1% rulers but is fiercely determined to prevail against all odds. For no amount of coddling or appeasement of control freaks bent upon subverting and destroying everything that they survey to achieve absolute power and wealth will bring about lasting positive changes that will stop the environmental disaster and absolute tyranny these amoral deviants are intent upon bringing about in their hierarchically organized gulag.

A perfect example of the insensitivity of the 1% to environmental issues and the majority concerns of the citizenry is on display at the Dakota Access Pipeline protest led by the Standing Rock Sioux tribe. If you need any confirmation of how our 1% elite rulers feel about those toiling in their business fiefdoms for spare change thrown over the castle walls just look at how their bought-and-paid-for black-boots have been treating the protesters fighting for clean water. Rubber bullets, water-cannon used in freezing winter weather, chemicals rained down from above on the camp by helicopters, lobbed tear gas grenades, and armored personnel carriers, these and other military assault weapons being used against defenseless Native Americans, veterans, and other labor-slaves fighting to save our Earth from 1% murders is nothing short of a crime against humanity. Is this democracy or the brutal face of authoritarianism?

The general mindset of the establishment 1% ruling elite is that those of us in the 99% are idiots incapable of 1% elitist 'brilliance'. That we are incapacitated by morals and decency and unable to reach the heights of 'enlightened' anti-democratic, anti-environmental, and anti-human thought processes. Gladly, most of us in the general population are not sociopaths with an unquenchable urge to destroy anything that gets in our way. We do not have this insatiable desire to thieve our way to the top of the anthill but instead want to build communities of trust resting firmly in an egalitarian 24/7 internationalist democracy - an interconnected community of anthills.

By not using our fellow human beings as stepping stones to amass billions of dollars in wealth those of us in the 99% are seen by the 1% parasites as subhuman trash, slaves that their clan of corporate royalists can freely exploit in their global system of economic strip-mining. What these monsters see through their soulless eyes are animals easily hitched to their system of infinite pillage. Unlike the 1% feudal lords, those of us in the 99% hold dear to our principles and will not do whatever it takes to acquire islands, Trump-sized private planes, gold, castles, and large offshore bank account balances. We believe there is a better way to organize our world than between those who have everything and those who have nothing.

Comrades, we all know we are on the right side of history, that this current incarnation of capitalist feudalism that uses the majority as labors-slaves and destroys our planet just to enrich a tiny-sliver of self-anointed robber barons is a degenerate and destabilized society that is rapidly failing. But to further speed along the demise of this miserable corporate prison camp we need to shed the psychological handicaps that the 1% capitalist pig culture has engendered in our collective psyche. We should become not passive and obedient servants of a system of 1% exploitation but warriors' intent upon expressing our individualism that yearns to break free from the shackles of 1% slavery. Instead of blindly following the edicts coming down from our corporate masters and their lobbyist run governments and condoning the workplace autocracy that leaves us penniless and voiceless we need to fight like free warriors never willing to sell out on our principles.

If we are to win against those in the 1% establishment who want to maintain their grip on power and wealth we must also be willing to sacrifice and contribute something to this grander cause of pure democratic liberty. Maybe you are not a direct line, on the ground kind of person like myself who tweets, researches, writes, contemplates better societal constructs, organizes others behind an egalitarian belief system, or engages your talents in other equally productive ways to overthrow the global 1% Corporate Dictatorship. Or maybe you feel more comfortable in an on the ground front-line protest or confrontation with the powerful elitists - like at the Sacred Stone Camp of the water protectors fighting against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Some comrades may lend their special celebrity talents like famous musicians, actors, and other highly visible public figures by supporting our 99% revolution and the many organizations it has engendered across a broad swath of causes.

However you wish to contribute your time, energy, and intellectual creativity is greatly appreciated for all of us in this vast planetary community are making a difference in transforming our current exploitation riddled society into an egalitarian internationalist community of empowered workers and citizens. This is our time, our history, and our destiny to become something more than mechanoids used by 1% parasites to amass more wealth in an unsustainable consumerism that is killing our planet.