Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Our Survival

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After cutting through the advancing enemy fighters my saucer moved with surgical precision with its accompanying support fighters towards our central planetary operations base at “Qorim 1”. In the night the brilliant blue flashes from the "Zalof" infusion landing inducers of our craft reflected off the expanding orifice within the mountain. Shifting towards the opening under a floating thin white shimmering "filot" conveyor we moved one by one into the impenetrable protection of our global command and control center.

Realizing many eons ago that unbroken interlocked communication via an intact global central command and control could very well be the difference between survival and annihilation we entrusted our very existence to this silent edifice of ingenuity. We were significantly outnumbered nothing would inhibit a destruction beyond comprehension – a gallant fight would provide our impetus to awake from our present into a future. Witnessing, visualizing, and conceiving our incremental loss of life across our cities reminded me that my family was now vanquished – nothing would remain but ash accumulating in a dust of grief across my home. It was said that on that night the ash dust merged with the air congealing in eddies that swirled across the barren remains of our twisted cities.

Being in command of a military that was comprised of gallant citizens all my brothers and sisters evoked a primal scream across my sub conscious with each extinguished life – pain is a leader’s baggage. With each passing night day cycle we saw one more light darken – yet another city gone from our tactical representation. My commands were fused with the system across a honeycomb of sub-system processes validated, vetted, transmitted to many other sub-systems across our planetary defensive & offensive response. We inflicted heavy losses on the enemy but their numbers just oscillated from stable to higher more potent strikes of horrible pain.

It was my misfortune to experience our first known defeat – each holographic sub-control systems monitoring the battles in their respective quadrants sputtered information, data, until blinking uncontrollably into a dark death. Only the primary system remained to display fire fly red lights that were blinking to darkness – each one of our fighters gone. Calling out to my family my internal grief exploded - my remaining citizen warriors looked around eliciting something anything but only a silence crept into our friction for action.

The main system took over – some deeply rooted failsafe instructions were accessed. Our global tactical view visually vibrated across a spectrum of colors crystallizing the images relevant to planetary survival mode. Across the entire planet our remaining citizens were being directed towards opening survival cocoons (caves) capable of sustaining our fragile existence for time gradations equivalent to thousands of night to day transitions.

No trace of my fellow citizens could be found when the enemy army landed intent upon complete annihilation – they found nothing. They left us with nothing but what they failed to realize was that just one, two, three, or our few thousand citizens were bound by a love for one another that would never allow us to drop on our knees to accept any axe wielded by the hand of evil.