Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Our Societal Rebellion

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Change is incremental taking many years. We are well into a tidal wave of transformation that is cutting a swath clean across the entire world. People, global citizens of this aqua water world are pushing aside all the barriers that trap them in perpetual servitude. We’ve been inching towards the genesis of a spectacular joyous burst of empowerment. Word of mouth, the media, and all the transmitters of our messages of constituent citizen power are energizing the beaten down to speak out and join the revolution. Fear is being replaced by anger.

Demanding justice, equity, equality, and a decent wage the general citizenry is no longer going to meekly accept being kicked down the ladder of success by privileged oligarchs. Corporations the personification of the worst form of autocratic tyranny have plummeted in popularity. Raising our fists firmly in the air we are declaring ourselves free from the manipulative corporatist enrichment scheme – privileged elites won’t find any easy prey to snare in their labor slavery.

Questions abound, we don’t accept what is shoved down our throats. All those business terms like productivity that the jewel hauling buccaneers heaped exclusively on the backs of underpaid and overworked labor slaves is now deep-sixed. We grasp that in a dungeon the jailers always employ terms to coerce the prisoners into obeying.

Behavior modification isn’t a novel concept; our bankster raiders have used this technique for decades. They’ve eternally jammed us to their corporate grindstones. Elite mobster gangs have preached the gospel of the sacred ‘free market’. Hauling heaps of these toxic sociopath conceived ‘truths’ into our meager caves we joyously proclaimed our holy allegiance to a system of income pillage. This insanity, a mental infection that left us prone, awaiting the next swift kick from our black-booted masters has been vanquished – we are free from this mass deception. Our white rimmed eyes are now focused on blessed untarnished reality.

No more suckering of the masses! Over the past seven years we’ve been through hell and back.

Starting around 1976 we’ve been on a downward spiral. Forced to exist in a debt-ridden income poor ‘global free-market’ that destroys all that is decent – we been on a trip into personal oblivion. Having taken many bitter years our exploited souls are ripe for an awakening that has taken far too long. Getting billions of people to voluntarily pump up sweaty fists in solidarity is no longer a dream – it is a glowing sunrise busting through a taut horizon.

To all those pessimists who squeal that the burning of this pirate ship is taking too long – go back to your hole and shackle up. Righting an entire planetary mess doesn’t occur overnight. Sacrifices are made that push us to the limits of endurance. Pain cuts us to bits requiring that we sew the scraps of our being back together. Psychological punishment squeezes the resolve from our tortured nerves. None of this is easy, societal rebellion is a total upending of the in vogue raider cherished culture. Fiends on the prowl are out to devour the uprising. Total capitulation by the tyrants who are your masters isn’t a pleasant heavenly sanctioned process – it is the equivalent of cutting your limbs off with a dull blade. They will tear your liver out and eat your heart with their fanged incisors – that is the level of insane hate monsters feel towards anyone who attempts to stop their rape of the citizenry.

This is not to say we won’t shove this piece of shit taker world into the grinder where it belongs. The process is well under way. If you listen carefully you can already hear the grinding. The wails of the privileged elite aristocracy shatter the silence. Let them cry out. Don’t believe anyone is taking notice.