Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Our Shared Journey Under a Purple Sky

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Flagstones flash the images of our cold flesh incinerated by deception. Blanketed in wave upon wave of creepy zombie logic that speeds past ground based reality we suckle illusion. Every day is a struggle to keep ahead of financial ruin. Skirting economic oblivion year after year isn’t a blessing. Cursed by bought-out governments, mega-businesses, bejeweled investment overlords who push the same snake oil down our throats is it any wonder we’re choking on their dysfunctional world order.

Cold rooms leave us shutter for warmth from the truth, a decency that includes honesty. Voices bounce off of walls that seem impenetrable. Our view of the world is glimpsed through coal smudged slits. Reaching out with trembling arms sweaty hands send spread fingers inside to pull open the shaking light streams. Free at last we view our world’s glorious colors, all the shades of opportunity released from the shackles of greed monsters.

Receding away from demon control we glide towards liberty. Branches have full tender leaves that glisten with morning dew. No lies are spoken in a joyful union. Love, happiness, empathy, and opportunity abound. Released from the rusty chains of enforced mediocrity we’ll be empowered to build a more perfect community. Crying no more over barriers that disintegrate lives a more equitable society will finally rocket towards its summit.

Grotesque whole world gobblers ravage the blue planet. Belching uncontrollably they devour all resources, income, and suppress opportunity. Fear is their currency. Disinformation is their gruel. Hate snuffs out the spirit. A crumbling societal cage is leaving us to drift on a poisonous ocean. No reason is pronounced only driftwood replaces a healthy forest.

Worried zookeepers scream to get our attention but we’re no longer listening to their lunatic ravings. Flashes are again penetrating our dazed eyes. Visualizing pleasant fields, homes with neighbors waving from porches, friendly towns, sparkling lakes, rivers rushing over glistening rocks, all the golden dreams of unrealized happiness this is a societal reboot.

Washed clean of oppressive surveillance ours will be a noninvasive culture. Deviant authority wardens’ intent upon cleaving with their power hungry elite comrades can finally be treated in sanitariums. Studying the genetic defects that have generated these dangerous mutations with antisocial destructive tendencies will protect future generations from these sociopaths.

Say goodbye to leaders who enjoy wielding terrible weapons both flesh piercing and mind altering. You’ll never see them again; they’ll be rotting in some dungeon. Revenge is sweet when it actualizes our relief.

Masters of the royal court of elite power believed we would submit eternally. Proffered the lure of custom an endless stretch of service to a manipulative scheme that leaves us debtors we’ve cut through the blackness. Ashes cover our shoes. Lost are the voices of this dynasty. Sucking sounds pumping wealth up to the kingdom of greed have ceased.

Looking into the expanded slits on this side of dirty servitude citizens are belted into submission but the vision remains. Right back where we’ve always been we’ll not meekly settle for the worst that is yet to come. Doubts no longer cloud our destiny. We belong together, ours is a shared journey under a purple sky.