Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Our Nation's Past

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It was not always the way you've been forced to live - we once had our freedom but it seeped away like a liquid falling through cracks. Nothing is more painful than the loss of something felt or experienced for this was the world that was familiar to be replaced by something unfamiliar to my body and heart. It was a creeping sinister evil that infected everyone it touched with an absolute greed. These were citizens that evolved from caring pleasant people into callous cold-hearted analytical machines - pious societal 'correctors'.

My son this is the world that you know; a sterile, systematic inhuman caricature of the past. Maintenance of this past is important for those in power so that they may convey a static non-changing society even as it slides down towards lower levels of deterioration and callous greed. It is a fallacy; a tortured lie built upon other lies perpetuated in order to push you further and further from a truth connected to reality. The cabbage that is our daily meal is not a sacred undertaking to be appreciated in its simplicity but a reflection of how we're starving in both body and soul.

Son, you must convey what your hearing to others whom disregard my integrity and honesty. It will not be easy passing along light in a world of darkness for at every turn nebulous evil will attempt to terminate your voice by every means at their disposal. But you must persevere because even one voice may be heard echoing through a canyon of despair - if no voice is present than only emptiness exists where hope once resided.

No, the cabbage that you're eating tonight is nothing more than an end where there was once a beginning. There were once jobs that citizens chose to work at - being paid a wage that was equitable allowing them to live decent lives, plan for the future, and purchase special things other than a small head of cabbage split between you and your father. But that was all before the contagion of greed started to run its course of corruption. Real wages started declining - imperceptible at first, followed by wave upon wave of income losses due to the hording of our money by those who we now call the "Others". After a while there was nothing left for us to spend, we could only afford our nightly round vegetable.

The business elite within a tightening noose of payoffs and perks gradually encircled the government that was supposed to represent the nation. It was shortly thereafter that they just stopped listening to our urgent screams for help - they had already succumbed to an evil that was rotting what little was left of their souls. Within time they'd become calcified hardened putrid edifices of the evil that had gouged out their hearts. When our spending stopped, nothing moved, even the air was silent - everything that was once available for purchase vanished almost immediately.

At that point why cover the evil any longer in a masquerade of smiles and promises - it was thrust out in all its hideousness for all to see and fully experience - the government evaporated. What we were left with is your world, no longer filled with citizens but fellow slaves beholden to one all-powerful entity the "Others". It is true beyond any doubt that the "Others" control every aspect of your life once you leave this house. They will instruct you in how you're to think, believe, and act for nothing is outside their control - it is ultimate. Your life is in their corpulent hands they may just as easily crush or caress you for another day's work - if you're lucky. Remember look straight ahead don't contemplate any further than whether you'll get your vegetable money at the end of your day of toil. Everything else made from your suffering toil will be brought to the "Others" who live in opulence beyond comprehension.

Since they control the army and all of your thoughts, you will obey, for the time for disobedience and protest has long since passed away many years ago - we did nothing. I'm sorry, my son for leaving you this world. Come close and let me hold your frail body and let your pain flow through me for we were very wrong leaving you our children something so elementary hideous.