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Our Future Spies

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Admit it; nothing that the government does is too egregious. Do you feel numb? Maybe you're just stunned, but we're truly fortunate for if we act now we can start our children down a path of success in the blossoming intelligence industry. Surely spies are in demand. This is quite the growing industry this covert club of righteous nationalist true believers.

With manufacturing but a wasteland of its prior glory and most so called professional positions requiring decades of experience our young people are blessed to be riding the tide of an ascending police state.

Johnny and Sally should start planning now for a life of snooping. Hone those skills early. Develop playground informants; but more important in the electronic age start learning a powerful programming language like C++ or Java. You never know when your gang might need to infiltrate another sandbox clan - eavesdrop on those who might be using their toys in subversive non prescribed ways.

But isn't it really inconsequential how you make a living in an income starved society on a global warmed red-hot planet. Just remember, no matter what your plans are for earning your skimpy wage understand who you will ultimately be serving. Your master will be the treadmill - that swirling unrelenting need to pay your bills and make ends meet - an economic contrivance that sucks ever harder on your last dollar. For your duty as a good citizen will require that you take pride in having less chickpeas in your soap so that your bloated executive rulers can have ever grander palaces.