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Our Economic Instability - Top Level Solutions

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Granted, political considerations necessitate that President Obama's team emphasize the positive effects of the U.S. government stimulus in bringing about a sustained economic recovery. Unfortunately, the scattershot, helter-skelter, jobs lean; strictly economically focused, paltry government stimulus hasn't brought about the transformative changes in our inherently dysfunctional socio-societal system. Therefore, we haven't been experiencing a sustained economic recovery but only a short-term government boosted consumption spurt.

The reason for this is simple. There are far too many variables in our complex socio-societal system that require structural fixes that anemic Keynesian government stimulation is incapable of addressing.

The underlying problem that we face is a contrived and distorted socio-societal system that is inherently unstable. It is a perturbed complex system geared towards benefiting a few privileged elites. This overall instability makes it incapable of reaching homeostasis - the balance that is crucial to the longevity of all dynamically complex systems.

The meager economically focused U.S. government stimulus was never geared towards balancing any part of this jumbled incoherent contrived mess we call a society. Just addressing the endemic extreme mal-distribution of income that has left over 95% of citizens incapable of consuming at a rate that sustains an economy over the long haul would have been a measurable start, but politicians are adept at playing the "safe card" when bolder actions are needed.

To President Obama's credit he did push through this short-term stimulus knowing full well that this was all the U.S. Congress would allow after his misguided misdirection of billions in taxpayer funds to Wall Street bankers. The taxpayer-funded banker's party extravaganza was a huge mistake that will haunt Obama's administration for however long he occupies the Oval Office.

This banker bonus money would have been better spent, along with the $787 billion from the Congressional 'porkerfide' stimulus on creating a green manufacturing industry, expansive western solar collection grid, and national green energy powered bullet train network.

What we needed then and now is an infusion of trillions of dollars by the U.S. government into our economic sub-system. This injection of funds by the only entity capable of pumping this much capital into the single most important economy on the planet would be a significant step towards implementing the comprehensive structural changes required to stabilize the global socio-societal system.

Such a gargantuan investment in the U.S. economy would provide the foundation for a new industrial, transportation, and energy infrastructure that could propel the United States and the world far beyond the 21st Century. In combination with across the board investment tax credits, we could create millions of good paying jobs, cleaner more plentiful inexpensive energy, and a faster more efficient transportation network that would leap frog our productivity to new yet dreamed of heights. Our investment in this the single most important national economy of the world would boost the standard of living of every U.S. citizen to the point that consumption would once again be fueled by wage income instead of mountains of personal debt.

But these steps at harnessing the ingenuity, grit, and determination of a magnificent country can't occur in a vacuum - we must constructively interact with the rest of the world.

It's a new form of constructive interaction that precludes all unilateral actions by multi-national corporations, lopsided corporate domination, labor arbitrage that drains aggregate demand, and any other gerrymandering of our socio-societal system to benefit a top tier 'sliver' of elitists.

Another critical component in transforming our dysfunctional socio-societal framework into a sustainable, equitable, stable, and adaptable global system for the betterment of humanity is ubiquitous cooperation across socio-economic classes.

Additionally, business along with its government handmaidens must be willing to relinquish their stranglehold on power. These elite interests need to understand that a socio-societal system comprised of many intricate complex interconnected human organizations can't be manipulated for their exclusive benefit. Zero-sum complex systems just don't endure, there unstable and degenerate. Our current socio-societal system is analogous to a radioactive isotope that is dangerous, unstable, and in a state of perturbed degeneration.

Our problems can't be resolved by neat tidy authoritarian edicts coming from up high because they stem from communication barriers erected between economic classes. The inability of lower economically placed societal members to get their voices heard contributes mightily to the instability that is tearing our planet apart.

Until all those who want to be heard have a voice in the direction of their economies, governments; their lives, we'll all be relegated to zones of combat awaiting the fall of civilization. The fall is inevitable if we allow the status quo to guide our actions. Worse yet, we mustn't allow a few uninformed frightened reactionaries to take us on a gloomy "death walk" into the past. We're facing a dangerous degenerative societal breakdown; a 'reboot' of our socio-societal framework, a new Dark Ages that can only be averted by throwing away the clubs and working together in an all-inclusive progressively biased global community.

The details of how we integrate all global citizens into a comprehensive communication medium, that engages, enlightens, and transforms our current authoritarian corporatist world into a fully representative democracy of ideas that result in enlightened equitable legislation is best left to the citizens of our planetary spaceship.

Until then, hold tight for we're in for the ride of our lives!