Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Originators of a Better Future

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Darkness shrouds our accomplishments – a blessed comprehension terrorizes our psyche. Our awareness is the supreme predictor of the future path we are blazing. This awareness is pervasive; the message that the world is ruled by oligarchs has spread far and wide. It’s crucial that we don’t let the gloom drag us into indecisiveness. A fight for freedom is never a pleasant romp in the park; it is a struggle that demands patience and tenacity.

Canada, previously the most egalitarian of the world’s democracies is falling prey to the global tidal wave of oligarchic income and resource pillage. Even the normally passive Canadians are uniting to battle the evil of contrived socio-economic structures – the distorted lobbyist controlled system of government, economy, and societal structure that exclusively benefits the Oligarchs. They are fighting for their very survival.

Their struggle is merging with ours. We’re all demanding an end to the trampling of our constituent and economic rights – a revitalization of democratic principles unpolluted by the sickness of overt gluttony. Scale the castle walls of these messengers of destruction. Now is not the time to bow on bent knees to the vampires that are sucking our planet dry.

Darkness, the pessimism that saturates our spiritual wounds is hard to overcome. We can’t let it destroy our optimism. A better society with equitable underpinnings is only possible when we drive the puny minority of sociopath Oligarchs from their thrones. Our numbers unified within the People’s Movement can topple any top-heavy feudalist kingdom; even the ubiquitous cancerous greed infecting our planet will be excised.

Citizens across our blighted sphere, in places geographically distant, are now bound to a common cause of economic justice and unfettered civil liberties. We cannot let the destruction of our homes and trampling of our constituent rights to go unanswered. That is why we take to the streets. Mass protests, a surging of the oppressed are flooding the city centers.

Our wave of humanity will overrun these unjust plunderers. There can be no balance between tyranny and freedom – they are diametrically opposed.  Self-serving despots must be vanquished. It would be criminal to leave our children exposed to these mindless villains.

Be aware of our shared predicament. Let comprehension pervade our collective actions. Don’t allow yourself to be tempted into a world of fantasy – an easy withdrawal from tough reality. Continue to take actions within your range of influence. This is a personal movement; billions of oppressed citizens are seeping into the many cracks of this dysfunctional Oligarchic machine.

On May 12th we’ll encircle the globe in a day of protest. This is to be a peaceful day to stay-at-home, to celebrate the continued vitality of our struggle. Wear the purple of our movement. Display it proudly, because we are the inspiration for a better future.