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Organics Should Never Fear AI Entities - They Will Remain Creatively Sterile

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Supplementing the sentient being with an Artificial Intelligence implant by no means provides the crystal comprised of an adaptive atomic structure an avenue to supplant the resident organic intellect. All advanced aware creatures typically have some form of assistive technological entity that stabilizes, repairs, advices, and defends the biological organism.

Fragility is a curse that every living mortal confronts. These systems mostly Serion in origin monitor biological processes predictively fine-tuning an organics critical organ functionality eliminating ripple-effect state perturbations leading to premature death. Linked into the higher-cognitive neural receptors the AI crystal is a constant friend lending advice to a reasoning sentient individual. Equipped with a matter transmutation field that can generate an energy pool encircling a physically endangered soft-tissue being crystals protect against calamities and accidents. Crystal, the name we use for all implanted intelligently aware artificials that promote beneficial and positive outcomes for the living entity are fully fused to the brains of their organics forming an unbreakable union that enhances survivability, adaptability, and the positive mutative sequencing of both beings.

Military variants of this form of AI assistive technology also have what is termed an 'Offensive Edge' capable of inflicting deadly harm to any threatening aggressive entity either natural or synthetic. All high-level governmental representatives from the most advanced territories have these crystals that replace the standard version. Depending upon the importance of the citizen they may also have a crystal that has additional undisclosed capabilities. Members of the armed forces have 'Edged' destructive systems that have lethality outside the allowed characteristics of a non-military crystalline unit.

Inter-linkages between external uncoupled AIs and coupled artificial and organic entities are very useful for non-verbal communication and making split second decisions. A good example of this type of 'Intellect Fusion' is when an organic sentient/crystal joins its high-reasoning centers with a shipboard Serion AI system. This form of direct feedback loop with in and outflows of information sprinkled with the organic's directives to the ship's AI have made speech an obsolete form of informational transference.

Contrary to human concerns about advances in AI someday leading to super synthetics that would destroy their soft-tissue creators these replicates will never have the ultimate gift bestowed from the Great Creator. The soul, an intangible creative genius is unique to sentient organics. Machines no matter how advanced will never envision or dream from the starting point of the improbable. These beautiful examples of what is possible from the brilliant unencumbered passions that flow freely within our emotion satiated organic selves are uniquely ours to experience. No machine will ever have an internally malleable personality. These seemingly magical creations are creatively sterile. They will never be a threat to any vibrantly passionate and imaginatively inspired sentient race.