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Genuine Revolution Is the Only Way to Sack The Establishment

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By never fundamentally altering the organization of production at the micro business level and always leaving Boards of Directors and the upper tier of executives in complete control over the disposition and distribution of the surplus that we create the capitalists always have ready access to the trillions of dollars in profits that they use to subvert society. With this cash bonanza they can continue to water down and repel any progressive legislation that benefits the 99%. Capitalists will be unfazed by any spurt of egalitarian lawmaking because they know all they need to do is patiently apply a portion of their profits to thwart, weaken, and drop any laws that negatively impact their bottom line.

"The Establishment" has perfected robbery into a fine art. If capitalist society is left intact with its exploitative social processes then no progressive legislation will ever improve our lot. We will still be forced to forage for scraps outside the palace ramparts. Being expert exploiters, capitalists have an army of lobbyist-snatch lawmakers at their beck-and-call. They can therefore undermine any statutes that seep economic justice through the walls of their kingdom. Capitalist exploiters will torch all legislation that makes our lives easier. Their unrestricted theft of the surplus that is the money left after paying the wages of the laborers and general expenses of a business provides these leaches with the financial resources to perpetuate a never ending cycle of societal corruption that allows them to stay in power indefinitely.

Stealing our profits that we generate from our productive work capitalists are able to buy the media spin, think tank 'experts', and lobbyists who in turn purchase the elite political stoolies and shape public opinion. Greased with bribes, favors, and any number of inducements an army of conditioned capitalist cheerleaders transform public opinion so that all proposed reformist legislation is suddenly viewed as wasteful, inefficient, and downright evil. Legions of big-business special interests and 1% media mouthpieces trash the government programs or laws that before the onslaught of a propaganda barrage were regarded by the general population as meaningful improvements. Afterwards, brainwashed into a drooling subservience the 99%, those of us working tirelessly in the global gulag just mimic like parrots the expected punch lines that were drilled into our subconscious by "The Establishment" minions.

After successfully portraying every advance in the most derogatory light the 1% vultures can once again get back to business as usual - the bleeding out of the society and the natural environment. At some point they even fully recoup the cash outlays they made to subvert the will of the general citizenry. Stoolies in the halls of corruption craft with their fellow shadow government lobbyists' laws that shift more taxes onto the general population and further reduce already anemic government services.

What is the primary objective of the CEO executive cabal?

Crown prince capitalists have a single overriding objective - to strip-mine all the income from society and legally move it to their offshore bank vaults and financial industry casinos. Big-businesses keep the income vacuum sucking furiously. Their primary task is to constantly firm up their bottom-lines so they can bring onboard more societal 'influencers' before the next shift in public option that installs the liberals back to power. Protecting and growing capitalist profit entails using a percentage of these profits to secure a pliably corrupt government that is sufficiently lubricated that when the next swing from neoliberal to liberal administrations occur because of the reoccurring boom and bust cycles of destabilized capitalism capitalists can dismantle any resulting progressive benefits that are enacted. Short-lived progressive benefits serve the purpose of temporarily pacifying an angry electorate.

Cyclically crisis prone capitalist society produces wave after wave of boom to bust that brings convulsive shifts in power alternating between Democratic or Republican dominated U.S. governments - the predicable strawberry or rocky-road flavor of political corruption. The Democrats being the kinder-gentler version of political puppets usually usher in many more reforms than the flag raising anything goes corporate dungeon master Republicans. Problem is the road to poverty may be filled with many more rest areas under Democratic rule but it still leads to the same prison rock pit.

Let us break out of this cycle of abuse. A single course of action will remove the endemic exploitation found across our social institutions. Rip this parasitic leach from our planet. Freeing ourselves from this abusive cycle of debt and autocracy means we are going to have to replace this exploitative capitalist society with civilizationism- an egalitarian, equitable, decent, diverse, and inclusive civilization.

Capitalist exploitation is drowning nations and individuals in a sea of red ink. We are swirling deeper into a crimson pool of personal and government debt. What our corporate masters have created is a debt churn now in the trillions of dollars with China being the biggest creditor of this fairy tale economy....

Tear these castle dwelling leaches off our backs. Those laboring in the businesses producing all that these firms' market to customers should not have to hand over all revenues generated from the sale of these products to a handful of plunders - this is unconscionable. Under a civilizationist civilization the workers will own these former corporate entities. The CEO and executive parasites will be looped off the top leaving all the profits to the workers who are the rightful owners of the fruits of their productive labor. All the income pilfered from the former corporations by these capitalist pirates will now be freed up from the financial sector casino stock markets and offshore bank 'holding' accounts. Instead of flooding a phony 'economy' with trillions in debt we will now be able to lubricate a real economy with income that will rapidly expand from an increase in tangible private and public sector investments. Our new civilizationist civilization will free up income wasted on paying executive robber barons billions in compensation. Administrators like accountants and other professionals adept at keeping a business solvent will be ordinary workers know different from the general rank-and-file laborers. The high-flying executive superrich will go the way of the dinosaur. Their giddy pirate party days will come to an abrupt end. CEOs, all the 1% super-rich that previously sliced and diced business workers and firm assets so they and their associated elite overlords could rake in billions of dollars to pay themselves over-the-top yearly salaries, bonuses, and stock payouts will now have to suffice with being paid a democratically determined salary for meaningful work. No longer an unimpeachable nest of marauders these humbled individuals will be treated no different from any other laborer of the worker owned, operated, and controlled business organization - their remuneration will be based upon their performance in the new administrative component of the business organization. All the other elite clowns like major investors who feel they have a legal right to something they had no hand in generating will be left out in the cold where they belong.

How will the lives of the general population be better than before?

We will be able to use the trillions of dollars that was going to rich autocrats to invest in a better future. Everyone will benefit from an egalitarian civilization that more equitably spreads the income and wealth around instead of raiding it and sending it up top to a select few 1% mobsters. Nations with a burgeoning debt load will start paying down this debt instead of sinking further into the hole simply to pamper a tiny group of income and wealth vultures that want to build ever larger piles of loot and phantom wealth assets. The general population will have real income to purchase products and services instead of having to take on more credit card and other forms of debt.

Our personal income will skyrocket to new heights....

Dreams that were previously considered merely utopian fantasies in a Capitalist Dictatorship that stripped away all income and wealth will be realizable goals in a civilizationist civilization that more fairly distributes income and wealth allowing it to gush across the economy. Freeing up the income stream that is parasitically drained from the economy by elite cannibals who wastefully gamble it away within the financial industry on stock markets like Wall Street will mean we will have many trillions of dollars in real income to use for whatever purpose we desire. The majority of the population will no longer be chained like sharecroppers to "company store" banks and other capitalist exploiters. Lending at usury interest rates to the general population money generated from the surplus that was stolen from the productive labor of workers is the kind of flimflam slight-of-hand that will stop in an equitable civilizationist civilization. Elite mobsters stealing from us so they can bulk up on illusory investments yielding phantom assets that they and their financial hoodlums turn around and lend back to us at interest rates Tony Soprano would be proud of is the kind of indecent larceny that will be outlawed in our new civilization. We will at last be able to tell these thieves to stuff it and find a real vocation instead of being enslavers of their fellow citizen's.

What does all this mean? Will laborers and the general population experience democracy for the first time?

Laborers will have total control over the disposition of all business profits within the new worker organizations that will replace the corruption infused corporate entity. This surplus will be ours to determine how we want to apportion it among salaries, business reinvestment, and taxes going to government for public works projects and other essential services like healthcare, education, social security, transportation infrastructure, and defense.

Below is just a small sampling of some of the collective invests in a profoundly better future that all of us will be able to contribute to and benefit from....

  • Maglev-superfast 350+ MPH train system running down the median of the entire interstate highway system - construction of this massive project will employ millions

  • Solar collectors, arrays, and other alternate energy generation sources linked to maglev-train and modern electric grid moving us to 100% renewable energy within 10 years

  • Midwest renewable energy factory sector building solar collectors, arrays, and other alternate energy generation sources that employs many more millions

  • Building Mars colonization launch centers that will employ many hundreds of thousands and make colonists out of millions more of our fellow planetary citizens

  • Social security benefits at age 60 that pay 85% of a worker's highest yearly salary until death

  • Universal healthcare for all covering all medical, dental, eye, and mental health costs

  • Insurance company profit oriented intermediaries will be eliminated

  • Exploitative corporate entities will cease to exist

  • Democratically owned and controlled worker organizations will replace the corporate entity

  • Living-breathing human beings will be preeminent under the law - no entity either business, government, or any other yet to be created societal construct will have equal or greater rights than a sentient living citizen

  • Fully paid for and funded education for every qualified citizen from K-18 (maxing out at a Master's level university degree)

  • Locally operated and public owned healthcare providers like the "General Hospital" will replace the multitude of for-profit scalpers that currently bleed us dry

  • Wealth and income will be more equitably spread across the population so we will no longer have a super-wealthy upper crust paying less taxes than 99% of the citizenry

  • Lobbying of any elected official in any form or fashion will be a felony punishable by anywhere from 20 years to life in prison

  • Inner-city community trust fund with hundreds of billions of dollars will be used by residents to jump-start their standard-of-living. No gentrification will be allowed!

Many more of our dreams will materialize into reality through actionable goals that are well funded by an economy resting solidly in a civilization where income is once again flowing freely, instead of being barricaded up top by a class of superrich who heist it all so they can live like pharaohs and merrily gamble in the financial casinos of this phantom debt choked capitalist swamp.