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Trump's "Establishment" 1% Strip Mining Cronies Are Insane

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On the tight thin skin of our planet's biosphere all the tiny organisms scurry about. They are oblivious to the cold dark vacuum just a few miles up that in a moment's notice could extinguish life leaving behind a vast bleak barren emptiness. In the most powerful but debt buried country conservatives are flailing in a dervish ecstasy over a CEO demagogue. This megalomaniac is now sprinting far ahead on the political right. Trump the robber baron turned 'savior' oozed up from the bubbling CEO sociopathic slime with a single purpose, to pacify the restive masses. Entangled with the rich-take-all elite establishment, its lobbyists, corporate media machine, and the leading degenerates running this bandit society that wastefully devours both wealth and natural resources how does he represent a revolutionary divergence from rule by elite royals? It is hard to believe those supporting him feel he would be a change from the status quo. Those within our People's Movement who are ideologically aligned with conservatism are still duty bound, they must nominate a Non-Establishment candidate not this poster child "man-boy" of all that is wrong with the world and it's 'leaders'. This is the only way we have any hope of transforming a planet steeped in extreme consumerism, a debilitating society that denigrates decent behavior.

Trump's "Establishment" cronies, the societal 1% strip miners, extract all wealth and natural resources in support of ever-increasing transnational corporate profits that go straight into their coffers. They debase morality in favor of pure evil, the primary substance of this pirate culture. The perpetuation of this unnatural essentially inhuman counterproductive gestalt world view requires an expansive propaganda apparatus that can deliver wave upon wave of reinforcing stimuli to the general population, the slaves of the grand fraud. An entire society is orchestrated around a single objective, the transforming of the majority of citizens into obedient mush minded docile workers who will gladly toil so a tiny number of bandits' can get filthy rich. There is no facet of human interaction that is left untouched by the manipulative lobbyists, advertising fairytale spinners, and other turncoats hired by these rich parasitic demons. Every activity that human beings engage in now has marketing professionals who script crafty multimedia fictions that place commercialism front and center. A vast web of propaganda has evolved taking the form of product ads, media hype of business promotion 'news', bland stereotypical imaginary interpersonal interactions involving hardworking suburbanites in perfect relations with equally flawless lives, a whole cast of dishonest brokers portraying a fictionally tranquil existence.

This is an age's old form of societal mores reinforcement that props up barriers to all critical introspective communal intercourse. For it is all that persistent questioning of authority that has led to the fall of many a king or queen that must be stopped. Propaganda taking the form of small sole proprietors making it big or businesses that help local charities are just two forms of positive association used to psychologically equate all capitalist societal dealings with all that is virtuous. Even a brainwashing campaign this extensive and pervasive from time to time needs to be juiced up. If it is to remain effective at keeping the cattle moving happily through the corral towards the block hammer it must have a whole army of creative advertisers repackaging the tranquilizer.

Back on a postage stamp little strip of the blue planet's crust a Wall Street gambling house, or is it an insurance company, maybe it is a bank, whatever it is now called it is a bloodsucker that is pleased at their latest 'stupidity push', a heaping shovel load of happy unrealism. In the irrational absurdity that prevails in our disintegrating capitalist society logic is cooked up, the latest variety of marketing spin. This bloodsucker, reclassified 'bank' blob of corporate cancer that now benefits from an FDIC government taxpayer backstop of 'deposits' used in its' investment gambling operations is suggesting in this latest of marketing spins that all of us invest 1% of our declining real incomes in retirement accounts that it will manage. These innovative propagandists are trying to sever in the minds of the general population the negative 'one-percent' association used by the People's Movement in identifying the elite royalists. Through this clever ad that they are saturating the media outlets with they are now turning this negative "Establishment" suggestive trigger into a positive crowd pleasing, group self-help push, to boost 'your' retirement account through investing 1% of your income in the Wall Street casino. Ingenious is the only word that comes to mind. Whoever the overworked marketer was that came up with this creative twist of reality that benefits his slave masters' bottom line and promotes their worldview should receive this year's "Grand Pacifier Award".

Not to be outdone even a bloodsucker like the Apple CEO is getting in on the act. By the way he sends his hugs and kisses. Did you know all of us are pretty damn stupid? Especially, those who are buried in student loan debt. You should have saved all that money by traveling to a third-world or developing country to get your college education. The most obscene waste is when we attend class. There is a shortage of drool rags so just stay at home. How dare you take that university seat? The latest Grass Hut U graduate is better qualified to be a graduate student of any of the numerous Nobel Prize winning professors teaching in developed countries. If you are studying for your undergraduate degree - just stop. Quit flushing your hard-earned money down the toilet. Tim Cook the Apple CEO and his 1% income gangsters would rather us prune brains not apply, so that there would be more spaces left for the 'cheap and happy' crowd with watermelon intellects from developing or third-world poverty ridden hellholes.

These exploitation desensitized labor slaves are only too happy to receive the dimes per hour he pays. Their eyes are already adjusted to the windowless manufacturing caverns with the dangling dim bulbs and dirt floors. These indoctrinated, obedient labor slaves feel right at home in the concentration style gulags of sub-contracting firms that do all the work for transnational corporations. Even the upscale workers of 'mind centers' like Mumbai, India are comfortable with working the 80 or more hours demanded by their corporate rulers. These are excellent specimens, clearly a super race of humans, the preeminent intellectual giants of this world, the most spectacularly creative super-beings ever to grace any planet, a new genetic strain mutated from unique waters and an environ rich in multinational propaganda. So just chuck it all, toss it into the wind, do not bother to get that advanced degree if your lifestyle and viewpoints were reinforced in the developed world. We are smart enough to know the real reason Tim Cook's exploitative income liquidating company outsources to developing or third-world countries - like the repressive dictatorship of China.

The leadership of this planet, Tim Cook, Donald Trump, a good portion of the CEO crowd, major investors, all the 1 percenters, in fact anyone with a sociopathic personality disorder that could thoughtlessly throw their fellow human beings under the bus are rattling their shackles in jubilant anticipation. Those are the deviants who thrive in this societal monstrosity. These elites are typically xenophobes and racists because their sociopathic and megalomaniac psychological abnormalities tilt their psyche towards feelings of superiority. They therefore view anyone who is not their exalted self as an inferior. Hate of others, heightened feelings of insecurity, distrust of community, teams, or any organizational structure that they are not directly controlling, this whole hodgepodge of viewpoints makes these control freaks the perfect vessels of xenophobic and racist tendencies. Because the leaders of this degenerate society already see the world through a broken sensory prism that accentuates their distorted perceptions of others attributing a multitude of negative differences to anyone who is not certifiably insane like themselves they are more apt to hone in on 'extreme' differences in culture and appearance with their defective personalities. This makes them very receptive to ideologies that preach disdain for community. Hate, insecurity, and social ineptitude is the currency of their tortured, troubled, unhappy existence. Not possessing a wealth of emotions, these troubled souls gravitate to worldviews that espouse immorality, individual verse cooperative efforts, and a spiritless machine state that places no value on anything other than the supreme leader who by golly is the preeminent intelligence. Plug this screwed up societal mess into a constant battle, an ongoing fight over turf that is the natural outcome when you have a bunch of sociopathic maniacs running the show and Walla you have Capitalism.

Capitalism is a societal system that engenders factionalism, disunity, noncooperation, and infinite interpersonal battles fought on many fronts. Socialism a cultural aspiration that succeeds in a shared environment of unity, cooperation, community, and interpersonal equality and equity is therefore the polar opposite of capitalism. Socialism founded upon democratic bottom-up principles is the sane alternative to capitalism.

Having arisen from unbroken derivations of primitive sociopath 'taker' societies like slavery, feudalism, and mercantilism, capitalism, the latest concoction of certifiable maniacs with its inherent conflict triggers is destined to devolve into chaos - a planet where everyone is at each other's throats over their perceived differences and unattainable wants and desires. On any other planet this aberrant society would never have taken root like a weed crowding out the beautiful flowers and lush vegetation. This is because those responsible for this obscene system of pillage that only benefits a sliver of the world's population would have been institutionalized in mental hospitals. The sponsors of this system of slavery are very dangerous and troubled souls. Some of the most horrible antisocial monsters like Hitler, Mussolini, and Genghis Khan have arisen from this antisocial hate receptive inhuman brew.

Therefore, the People's Movement is not being divisive when pointing too elite 'takers' as the primary reason our society is so screwed up. On the contrary we want the entire world to come together tearing down all the religious, nation-state, cultural, and other barriers that separate us from one another. The 1% elites and all those who we denigrate in the upper class may call us disruptive malcontents but to achieve the dethroning of these certifiably insane tyrants we must divide and break from those who we will eventually be treating in mental asylums. They are different from the rest of us because they have no moral compass, and are a threat to our very survival.

Our purple wave that is the bottom-up societal transformation that the majority, the 99% of this blue planet's citizenry is bringing about through individual uncoordinated actions will eventually spawn the first seamless community of humanity, a civilization, not the exploitative relic of feudalism that currently enslaves the sane.